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ahhhh so i'm back at it again briefly with my outspoken ways...one day someone is going to curse me out in the comments of my blog...........oh well... so this is in regards to modeling pics. now dont get me wrong, there are some very nice looking modeling pics. tastefully done, some arent so tasteful, just a wide range some good some bad. but yanno, why would someone have nothing but modeling pics up in their profile? i can understand maybe they want to show them off and think they look great and all ( and some do ) but they put up all those pics and then wonder why people think they are fake? think they arent real, etc... can you really be that stupid? are you new to the internet? they get offended as if there have NEVER been any fakers on the net.....ooooooooh noooooooo. just FYI most guys like REGULAR, NORMAL, EVERYDAY pics... we like to see you in sexy stuff YES we like to see you in nothing yes but we like to see pics that arent takin by professional photographers. we want to see you in your firty ass house or apt wearing nothing but a t-shirt. sometimes your hair might be a little mess. sometimes you may not have all your make-up on. now like i said, the modeling pics DO indeed look good, but a mix of both is also nice, we want to know that you are normal and you can dress up or down. that you look good without all the lights, make-up etc... we want to know we are dealing with REAL people, or at least have that feeling, we want to know that there is someone on the other end that just may respond. and want to know that that just MIGHT be actually you in the photos. when you see a shitload of modeling pics the only thing i can personlly picture is some large woman with rollers in her hair typing away at the keyboard or even worse a dude doing it. we dont care if youre fat, skinny, ugly or pretty, as long as you seem to be a real person you are going to get comments and rates.
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