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Female · fu-Owned by Rate Irfan and is worth 1,000,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on September 17, 2006 · 10 referrals joined! · 44 different people have a crush on me!
Female · fu-Owned by Rate Irfan and is worth 1,000,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on September 17, 2006 · 10 referrals joined! · 44 different people have a crush on me!

SEX APPEAL is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got.................

Juliet ~ February 2012

sexy & romantic glitter graphics myspace code sexy images

My name is JULIET & you can call me Ms. Doe if you wish to...:)..... Buck is long gone somewhere in the North Pole...:P... A lot of people here have been asking me what my nationality is. Does it really matter where I came from and who I am? Well,I'm mixed (mutt: part Spanish, Polynesian, Filipino, Malaysian, Burmese & Middle eastern blood) :). I grew up in the Southern part of the Pacific Islands. I live in the State of 10,000 lakes. I have lived & been here for over 23 years (still not used to the cold weather-- dang!...:P My passions are singing, reading good books, love to travel, long walks along the beach & lakes, explore uninhabited & exotic places, dancing, playing tennis & badminton (I think they are fun & enjoyable), cooking & I love good authentic food. I'm a non-smoker,non drinker,not a gambler, disease free & I've practice celibacy in my life :P, I enjoy my independence & the freedom to do what I want.

I want to make it clear to you that I am only looking for friends here & NOT LOOKING for any hook ups, intimate,casual flings, one night stands, virtual lover etc...relationships). So, don't waste your time & don't bother convincing me the "Romeo and Juliet" love story in the internet because i am not buying it...lol...NO RELATIONSHIP FOR ME HERE & NO I AM NOT LOOKING BUT ONLY LOOKING FOR FRIENDS....

Also, I have submitted several salutes here but only got rejected by people who asked that I would go cam to cam with them & then they will approve my salutes. I said no way, PERVERT!. Say, if I want to have a cam to cam with someone, might as well generate money out of it, then that way I am not wasting my time..Do you agree? So, since then, I didn't bother trying to submit salutes (have a salute folder)as I do not really care anymore with the games (bullying, controlling and power trip etc...) they played on here.

To those who do not believe me if I am real? I beg of you to please delete me from your friends list & do not ask me to accept your friend's request again just in case you realized you lost a precious friend because I do not have time for people who plays mind games with me and for type of people who are so hang up with something that is not important to me in the VIRTUAL world. If meeting in person is your goal? I will not bet money on it, knowing full well, I don't meet someone in that medium. The flying to see you & or flying to see me would be a dream come true for you but not for me because that's not my cup of tea...so chances are slim .....lol.

To those profile who are strictly for salute members only? I don't have salute/s so don't bother sending me a friend's request because you will be DENIED. If you friend me already? again please delete/erase me in your list as I do not need you nor you need me. And for people who wants to be my friend only for their gain (begging to level up, bling thing, points etc.. or whatever games they play) & would not keep in touch with me after? trust me... I will delete you and will reject your friends request from then on....

Also,If you want me to accept you as a friend, please have the liberty of inking/clicking that "FAN me" on my profile...lol.

I like doing research & development projects as this is my profession & specialty. I have CPM, MCTS & MCITP next to my name. I have BA & 2 Mini-Masters in :Information Technology & Business Analysis & have multiple CompTIA & Microsoft Certifications. I'm currently working for uncle SAM. I've travel extensively (used to work for NWA (now a retiree)-- & no, I am not a flight attendant. I love to see & explore nice places & been to many places in the world. I've visited several countries & visits Asia at least 2 times a year to open my house in the pacific Islands.

I have 2 wonderful children that I love so very much-- a beautiful daughter who is 25years old with a gorgeous body...got it from mommy...lol (just kidding!!!). I also have a handsome young son who is 17years old and very smart --he is the center & the apple of my eyes. He is my little buddy and he is very close to me.

I would like to post as much photos as I can here that will give the pleasures for others to view and enjoy but please respect me as a person. I always believe these two sayings, "Do not do unto others what you don't want others do unto you" and "If you can't say something nice to someone, please keep it to yourself". I hope to be your friend & will forever be your friend if you let me to & if you treat me nice & with respect.

Also, I'm a big FLIRT, very sensual, love passion & fantasy, funny.. but brutally honest to a point. I believe honesty is the best policy & values to live by. I hate people who are perpetual liar, selfish, egomaniac & insecure (my turn off)..... I despise someone who treat me like their "SEX OBJECT" just because I love to flirt. Here's what I can say, You fulfill my fantasy & I will fulfill yours.. just as simple as that, no string attach or judgmental opinion about each other. You treat me nice with respect and I will do the same to you. Sounds fair?

Also, What you see here is what you get! All the photos I have posted & you have viewed are current posting. I do not re-post unless someone requested. I have no problem with what you believe & what your opinion is. It is strictly your choice & not mine & I will respect you for that. If you do not like what I posted? you can click the box "close" & move on..no sweat!! However, I would like for you to take my word saying "God bless your heart my friend" & may you prosper in this world.

ALSO, I DO NOT DO any CHAT (yahoo, aol, msn, facebook, gmail, hotmail) or webcam...so please do not press the issue because I have no time. I have hectic schedules and I tend to underprivileged children and I volunteer to give back to communities. I hope you will respect my decision and am very sorry to disappoint you.

Finally, I would like to stay away/farther myself from any troubles. I do not wish to participate in any melodramas with somebody's life/business/affairs. Remember, I am here to have fun & to meet nice people I can call a "friend".... Please don't forget to visit all my Albums.

Thank you all, for reading this far... I will be your friend and will cherish and treasure your friendship forever.

Take care & stay in touch.... Shalom, Sayonara, Paalam, ciao. Salamat and Mahalo......
With love,
Juliet AKA Modela

Juliet AKA Modela

By: Juliet Aka Modela

No matter how far the distance,
No matter how tired and busy we are,
No matter how much time will it take,
Baby, Ill wait for you for our love sake.

I may not always be here for you,
I may not always say, I love you
But in my thoughts, my heart and soul,
You will always be my knight in shining armor.

There will always be trials and
struggles in the road of life.
There will always be songs
sang out of tune.
There will always be poems
written and unread.
Baby, your love will always
find me waiting even in my deathbed.

Happy birthday to me...


Whenever you're sad,
or feeling blue,
Just call on me.
I'll be here for you.

Whenever you're happy,
or feeling sad,
Just call on me.
You are going to be happy.

'Cause I'm gonna be there
with open arms.
I'm going to be there
to bear your arms.

I may be older than you,
or a cougar to some,
but when you're sad
I swear to God,
I give the biggest hugs
And sincere love to you.

So when you're lonely
or just plain blue,
Just think of me,
or this poem,
I'll come to you.
And be with you.

Juliet Aka Modela

Beyond the horizon


I am not
I don't hide

I have nothing to hide
I am what I am
I'm beautiful brown, I'm a Filipino and proud to be of mixed descent,
and I am not afraid, I am what I am,

I show who and what I am, and
I take responsibility for what I am
For what I write, for what I do and for what I say

Mountains do not hide, how can they?
The seas keep their bodies in the open
their waves blown by the air,
for how can they be what they are when they are in hiding?

The trees and the plains, the valleys and the hills,
what can they be if they are in hiding?
Shall you see a vast desert of them then?

The air, if only they have that nature to be seen,
they could have assumed such forms that you see.
They too, are happy to be seen so that you may believe in them,

For in truth, those true and giving do not hide,
and if you cannot see them, they always try,

In some conceivable manifestations,
in some shapes, colors and forms
like some leaves falling when the wind passes by,
like some trees bending, like some pieces of paper blown to the other end.

Why are you in hiding?
Regardless of what your skin color is,
It is the inside of you that matters
Be proud of who you are
For God made you unique and beautiful

Juliet AKA Modela

Juliet ~ March 2012

Female · fu-Owned by Rate Irfan and is worth 1,000,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on September 17, 2006 · 10 referrals joined! · 44 different people have a crush on me!

Juliet AKA Modela



happy shanson - Picture for Me

nn - Picture for Me

Juliet AKA Modela

If someone walked up to you and asked you to define love, what would you say? I am sure you might stumble across your words for a few seconds and then come up with an answer that sounds fundamentally sound or at least close enough to get the person to nod in agreement. What are your expectations of those you love and those who claim to love you? How do you show love to others? How do you expect for others to show you their love in return?

In order to gain a better understanding of love, let us see how it has been defined and see if the definition matches our understanding of love.

Below is the Wikipedia definition of LOVE:

LOVE ~ is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection. In some religious contexts, love is not just a virtue, but the basis for all being, as in the Roman Catholic phrase, God is love. Love may also be described as actions towards others (or oneself) based on compassion. Or as actions towards others based on affection.

Romantic relationships, although they might satisfy the desires we have to be loved, wanted, admired or cherished, that is not their only purpose.

If you truly love someone you will desire to always impact their life in a positive way that results in a constant evolution of self-demonstrated through love and by love.

The goal is to have this person who knows you deeper than most, challenge you to be your best.

Here's the key Indicators of the Depth of Your Love...

FOUNDATION ~ (Love never Fails) A house made of straw will have no choice but to succumb to the enduring challenges of strong winds, rain and other elements of the world. However, a house with a strong foundation will not be uprooted during the trials of life. What is your foundation? Are you and your partner firmly rooted? When you have major issues in your relationship do you always come back to the foundation to find resolve?

RESPECT ~ (Always Protects) A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Proverbs 25:11. Do you maintain a level of respect for each other which creates an environment for growth and approachability? Or when things get rough do you show no restraint and prepare for war?

SACRIFICIAL ~ (Love is Patient. Love is Kind) Willingness to let the other person grow and change in their time is a great way to show love. As long as it is clear your partner is committed to improving you should be their advocate. Do you take the time to identify areas where you could be more patient and kind to your partner after a disagreement? Or is it your way or the highway?

GOALS OR PURSUITS ~ (Always Hopes) Do you take your partners goals or interests in life seriously? Or do you scoff at their plans and demean their accomplishments?

COMMON OR NEW INTERESTS ~ (Always Trusts. Always Hopes) Do you find mutual activities for you to share in? Do you find areas for both of you to grow through breaking barriers and creating opportunities to build trust? Do you find ways to keep the relationship exciting through being attentive to your partners wants or dislikes?

STRENGTHS vs. WEAKNESSES ~ (Always Perseveres) Do you know what your strengths and weaknesses are and those of your partners? Vice versa? Do you two communicate in a way where you can help each other grow and improve in problem areas through building on each others strengths? Do you think highly of your partner or do you easily give up when things are not going your way?
I hope this list will help you access the depth of your relationship and how to identify if you have been showing love as it is meant to be showed and also if you have been receiving love as it is intended to be received.


Juliet AKA Modela (*_*)

Video Games

Someone wrote this one for me:

Dream Girl

To the mystery girl that’s on my mind,
to which I’ve never seen.
Just the thought that you are there,
turns my thoughts to dream.

I dream of a secret rendezvous,
in a dark secluded place.
Me in bed and watching you
as you slip from silken lace.

Your lips are so inviting
your skin soft to my touch.
Your eyes bright and wanting,
and I need you OH so much.

As I move you and control you,
you know just what to do.
With every move a counter move,
a bond between we two.

But alas I have to clear my mind,
for I can not stay there long.
Or the real world would be so dull,
that I could not go on.

xairetai!!! - Picture for Me

"Lost Love"

Dead butterflies lying scattered on a broken floor of a dream
Longing even in the afterlife to float on the wings of the wind
Fatalistic feelings echoing in my head as I scream
Pulling my thoughts and feelings in all directions, but I will no longer bend.

Broken are the eyes that see into my soul, they are blind
Long since taken out and rolled lazily along the road of fate
Skimming the surface on the serene pool of hatred in my mind
My life a long line of things to remunerate

Picking up the broken shards of my life
Attracting the dirt that is scattered around by the carriages of love
Rolling purposefully over the places of sorrow and strife
Soul hunters rise from the grasses of my dreams devoid of hope

My mind opens like a flower to the promise of sunlight
Shining into the gates of my heart and burning me in two
Silence in my soul, silence in my heart, but burning even in the darkest night
Only to be burnt with the memory of you.

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