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Well, I am once again back in Mobile for damn near a week ! Woo Hoo ! I get close to another wek with Rebecca and tonight is really relaxing for the most part. She is on one side of the room occupied with her music and laptop and I am on the other ide of the room doing the same. We hae a fire going and it is comfortable and I could not ask for a better environment. This is just one of the ways we spend time together and chill out. One thing I can honestly say is that we are both addicted to our computers and our music. So, I didn't tell her I was on the way back home from Arkansas yesturday till I walked in the hose and suprised her. She was happy as usual to see me like she always is. We spent an amazing nigt together last night. I won't go into the details....Awwwwwwww....I know. Sorry. Ever day and night I spend with her is better and better. I meet a new Becca every day and each one is better and better each time. We still learn so much more about each other each day. I have never in my life been moe sure of something like I am of this relationship we have. How many of you can get on here and blog about anything on your mind and let your significant other readwhat you write ? I don't see any hands out there. Well, I can. 'll be back in a bit. Gotta watch a movie.
I have had a remarkable two weeks away from work and I could not ask for a better life right now as of yet. It only seems to get better and better every day. I have the woman of my dreams in my life finally and we are getting by day by day. I am and have been at home for basically the past two weeks doing absolutely nothing but sitting around the house, doing a little lite house work here and there. I'm off till around Monday I think and I am enjoying the remainder of this evening in the den next to a really warm fire watching tv and messing around on the computer.
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