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MistreSS Janet

Nothing brings to mind the images of total FEMALE SUPREMACY and DOMINANCE over males more than the extreme genre of the FETISH NAZI BITCH. Based on images of evil leather clad Nazi SS women in black boots, gloves, and tight fitting uniforms their power multiplied with the addition of a Luger pistol and a whip. This erotic taboo figure is based on the BDSM culture and protocol conjuring up images of sadistic Nazi SS women in command roles operating prison camps full of allied men during World War II. One can only dream of the imagine of a blond Aryan goddess in a tight fitting black SS uniform, her extreme cleavage spilling out as she struts around the camp in her black thigh high boots and riding crop followed closely by her equally gorgeous, well armed, personal blond Aryan bodyguards.

Hollywood picked up on this most taboo (and totally unhistorical) fantasy and in the 1974 released cult classic "ILSA...SHE WOLF OF THE SS". It starred Dyanne Thorne as Ilsa the KOMMANDANTE of a Nazi Stalag. She portrayed the supreme Nazi who demonstrated that FEMALES are much stronger than males and thus could operate and discipline prisoners with much more authority. She dealt out intense sadistic pain and castration if her insatiable sexual hunger was not fulfilled. Her nightly ritual insisting on raping men and insisting on total ejaculation control.
These images are not based on historic authenticity but nevertheless take our desires and lust to a most extreme level of primal fear and sexual deviancy. I hope you enjoy this genre of perversion as much as I do. I know many people have the same taboo desires and long to submit to the total power of the FETISH NAZI BITCH!!!!

I am always searching for articles, images, uniform information and sources, blogs, and other related information on this FETISH NAZI BITCH infatuation. Please email me anything you have or wish to share so it can be posted in the appropriate menu. Contact me at: mistressjanet@live.com or seductress38dd@yahoo.com


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