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Wicked's blog: "Missing you all!!"

created on 07/07/2009  |  http://fubar.com/missing-you-all/b302778

I want to thank everyone for helping me with the spotlight......



Now on to normal crap. I have been really busy and I'm not sure how to talk to everyone my first day back ..

So here goes


I had a flood in my basement, no worries its all cleaned up

My X sister in law is staying with me well her kids are while she parties , I'm annoyed

Business is crazy and sorry I haven't been on much

Cerri just told me her favorite word is Cunt, I love her for it

Seamus was shocked when i hit the accept on marriage thing. Long story but I'm evil

Hugh is my best est friend and hes having a bad day , love you Hugh you drunk , hawaiian shirt karaoke singing man

Misfit is seriously stalking me......

Witty is my stalker that I know and love

Witchie i miss

Name is a seagull and loves tits

Congrats to swift he has joined me in the non smoking club

Someone tell Brain men are stupid

I miss you all alot

Tell me whats up with you

And please if your name isnt above its cause im an ass


DOesnt mean i dont love you just as much



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