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Foxglove's blog: "misc."

created on 10/10/2006  |  http://fubar.com/misc/b12395
I have writer's block, there is all this stuff floating around in my head and I can't make it make since on a piece of paper. Maybe I should go paintthough I am really haveing a problem sitting still, but that's becuase it snowed in dallas and I'm not sure my Mom knows what a freaking heater is for and I'm shivering, maybe that's why I have writer's block I'm too cold to think straight. I sent a fragment of what I have been working on to one of my oldest friends hoping she could help set me into some kind of place she hasn't responded something tells me I'm going to get a piece of paper with red ink all over it back (she's a grammer nazi) that's why I sent it to her though if some one could just get me thinking straight maybe I could place all theese thought's into a less random place then my head! Maybe I will go paint it might be interesting to see what my shaky hands can come up with, very serious about being cold, has anyone met Harold yet? I didn't think so, considering he's a figment of my imigination inbodied in a stuffed animal behind me it would kinda be hard for you too have! My head is swimming in things it should not be swimming in sometimes I think life would be easier if we all went through it drunk, in tiny communities smalll enough to walk around so that we didn't have to drive you know kinda like in the old day's before the invention of heater's, yes I am that cold right now!you ever sit under your laptop for the heat? just because she is going through menopause doesn't mean the rest of us are hot! See I'm telling you random thought's floating around in my head, and there bumping into each other spawning other random thoughts inside my already full mind that I can't seem to collect long enough to empty in a sensible manor. I wold take a picture of harold but the lighting in here sucks and we have no more light bulbs, I guess that is one more thing my mother does not believe in! perhaps I should go back to my book and see if I can't process my imagination better or perhaps I could walk into my room and find something in my bed to keep me warm!


Ok I was right work sucks... I mean it sucked tonight, just tonight. I hate my ass. man all she ever does is eat and talk on the phone


I'm going to whine cause I don't want to go to work, but atleast their will be plenty of people to talk too, the next eight hours are going to suck though
it's a sleepy kinda day so their was nobody at my store today and it was very boring so it sucked and so did the mail I found on my bed tonight one day I wanna find something interesting on my bed.
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