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Because most people still aren't aware of the widespread use of torture and recent official revokation of the habeas corpus supplied in our bill of rights, I've posted a few articles everyone should read.

Rolling stone has the most compelling story about torture in the guantanamo bay detainment facility. This article is sure to breed outrage in any reader.

I would need independent confirmations for this op. article to completely endorse it, but it seems like a reliable recap of Bush's fight for torture policies.

An msnbc broadcast about Bush's signing into law the revoking of habeas corpus and his torture policy.
After watching please note they actually make a number of minor mistakes in this broadcast.... silly msnbc. Hilarious coming from such a major news source. Example: the attourney general told Bush that torture not creating levels of pain consistent with organ failure or death are legal. Even though "levels of pain consistent with" is very arbitrary the man interviewed in this broadcast is not giving an accurate quote. Also I believe that habeas corpus is only removed for aliens according to the exact language of the bill passed, but I would need to read it again. If so msnbc has another major innacuracy in this broadcast.
For some more independent fact checking about the last broadcast,Wikipedia has already updated its article on the form of torture known as waterboarding showing its recent use by the United States government.The only mentioned war crime prosecution for this torture was a japanese officer. While it seems to me that far more cruel practices are already used, this is the only instance I could find of a torture the U.S. both practices, and has tried others for as a war crime.

Wikipedia has also updated its information on Habeas Corpus to reflect upon sudden change in US policy. The article has great information on the history and meaning of Habeas Corpus.

The major news outlets have discrepencies on the details of U.S. use of waterboarding torture, this blog tackles that.

If for whatever reason you don't trust the news. Read the bill yourself here.

See if your senators passed the new legislation, and if so make sure to detain and torture them without any appeal process. Or at least write them a letter of disapproval.
Here's the breakdown of votes when it appeared before the house of representatives.
I'll include the official senate and house websites public tallies for the sake of thoroughness.

Finally, please support the ACLU. If you care about your rights, they are the single most important lobby in the nation right now.

EDIT: Please feel free to repost. If anyone finds any mistakes in any of the articles please notify AnimateDream.

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