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Sometimes I am astounded at my luck to have found my hunny. I have been through so MANY terrible relationships in my life...being cheated on and abused and left....that having a man that WANTS to stand beside me and doesnt want to cheat on me is such a new and rare thing. When we first met, I actually found myself not being able to get close to him or trust him because I always had this feeling that it would be only a matter of time. Its now almost 7 months since we started seeing each other and we have been through SOOO MUCH that even some long married couples dont go through and if they do some dont make it. He has never once flinched when faced with any of it. He continues to love me even when things are tough or a little scary and for that he is probably the best man that I could have ever hoped to find. He seems to know me more than I know myself sometimes and knows when I need a hug or a laugh and always is there to give it to me. I love you Mike...more than I can EVER hope to tell you with mere words but I can continue to try to show you for the rest of my life because that is DEFINITELY how long it will take.

You can find my hunny Mike at his own page here: jammingracebike

@ CherryTAP Please stop in and show him some love for me...he hasnt been a member for too long and could use some more friends and such. Thanks in advance.

I woke up this morning and still didnt know what to make of this ring on my hand. I had my class ring there before so it wasnt just not being used to having a ring there. Its just that it has sooooo many ramifications for me. This will be the second time that Mike has been engaged but he has never been married before. I have been engaged a few times and married twice already. There is a lot of fear in finding that I have made the wrong choice again. In my heart of hearts I know that I am NOT making the wrong choice but there is always that lingering fear of what if it happens again? The first marriage I KNOW was a mistake because I was 18 and made the choice because we had a baby together. It seemed like the logical thing to do. Ahh to be 18 again lol.... My second marriage was to my high school sweetheart that I loved so much and I KNOW that he loved me. I think that asking him to be a family man was eventually more than he could bear and he cheated and walked out. I am not all that angry about it anymore but I never saw it coming. I am just so scared that this might happen again. I KNOW that things are VERY different between me and Mike though. We rarely argue and we always make each other laugh. I know that if I need a hug or to just be able to cry over our baby I can turn to him and he will hold me until the tears stop. I know that I make him happier than he has ever known because he tells me I accept him. It is soooo hard to let go of past mistakes and old fears. Thanks for letting me ramble. Angie
Mike made it official tonight and asked me to marry him on our 6 month anniversary at pretty much the exact moment that we first kissed. I love him so much and I am so happy with him. With what is happening to my body because of the baby...I needed something happy to happen for us because of my health and the fear that is happening inside me. I LOVE YOU MIKE!! PS go and congratulate him as well...he is in my family (jammingracebike)
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