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angelssecrets7's blog: "Angels Poems"

created on 12/16/2008  |  http://fubar.com/angels-poems/b265911
Memories of Family Christmas Dad i know these times are so precious to you. With tenderness, and hugs i send this through. With lights all twinkleing and jinglebells. Ring a ding ding. Dad i know this time of year is when your on your own, but family come a round, to make the day a gift and with few songs, and tv watching all of the old movies , but the one speicail gift i wish i could give is me bening there with you. With words of happiness i remmeber the laughter of tears. and speical times you spent with me. With dreams in your own heart for us all on a cold winters night, with know Christmas tree we didn't have we still spent christmas with you which shall last. A christmas visiting granma Mable, and uncle goerge and charlie, and aunty Doris and uncle Jack back in the sventies and eighties, visiting with aunty alam and uncle harry also to. Those were the days that are truely are fixed in my memories to day. With christmas time closeing in fast. My memories of going to the forest near your house, the times we all would come down and take our selfs there to play on the old thick twined ropes swing from the tree. Trips to the shop on christmas day, stockings with cloths and shoes, what can i say, with memories like these so speicail to me to day, dad thank you for trying your best. On making our christmas day, and granma cooking christmas turkey and mash poetatoes to, with peas, and brocolie, and cabbage to, and lashings of home gravey from the graveboat also to, home made christmas jam tarts, and custard as well. Sitting in the living room on christmas dayt, listening to the film on tv do you remmber it i do to,Judy Garland in the Wizard Of Oz, then would be Chitty CVhitty Bang Bang, and then Bed knobs and Broomsticks. wow what fun.. Some times gran would say tony will take my bets and make me a bet at the betting office on boxing day of course you and uncle goerge would go or uncle charlie i know. Wow memories come flooding back so vividly tonight. All these memories of christmas day and boxing day... And then we would get alift of uncle Jack back home around tea time ready for going to see my freinds . Which i was glad, to see what they received on christmas day to. was to see smiling faces, and then would come home hot chocalte drinks and toaste as well to, Dad thank you i love you and god bless all from me to you... Copy@Writen By Susan M H Friday 5th December 2008
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