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DirSec's blog: "Memorial Day..."

created on 06/01/2010  |

Myself, My Father, My Mother and My Parent's Fathers... Five Generations. To the missed birthdays, the lonely Holidays, those that fall asleep with sand in their beds, woken by the sound of gunfire. To the long hours, the crappy food and the prayers to make it through another day.

From Bunker Hill to St Mihiel, Omaha Beach to Iwo Jima, Inchon Valley to the Mekong Valley, from Beruit to Salines Airport, the streets of Khafji to the hills near Tirana, the World Trade Center to the Pentagon, MSR Tampa to the Hindu Kush...
To those that lost friends, to those that lost a body part to those in a cell that lost heart and to those that lost it all...

THANK YOU for choosing to stand that post. We, as a nation are indebted to you and those like you.

Carlton, "Ski", "Wolf", "Rocko", "Kasper", I miss you Guys.

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