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1.) Online name: Insane_Melody 2.) Real name: Susann(pronounce {Suzanne})S. 3.) Nick names off line and on line:Insane, Melody,Mel, Sue, Suzy, Auntie. 4.)Children?- Don't have any.(yet) 5.)Pets?- Yes, 1 cat, 2 guinea pigs. Faves~~~ Likes?- Music,reading,drawing. Italian,steaks & Mexican food(no wonder I get heartburn) Color?- Purple, black,blue(NO NOT A BRUISE..LOL) Team? Chicago bears, white sox, Cubs,& Bulls. Favorite animals- border collies, dashunds,chihuahua,german shephard, guinea pigs, bunnies,koalas, chipmunks,pandas, and penguins. girly? tomboy?-Tomboy. What kinda of music?- All kinds I lovvvvvvve music. Name a few authors you like- Anne Rice, Laurell k. Hamilton,Maggie Shayne, v.c.andrews, patterson,peterson,King,Koontz. Cook.list goes on Have you seen a play? yes, Steel Magnolias. Have you been to a concert? Yes, Prince 2 different ones. Weird al-2ce. Have you been to a book signing? yes, Laurell K. Hamilton. Have you been to a professional wrestling revenue? Yes, way back when it s was called wwf- wanting to meet undertaker and stone cold steve Austin. What would you do if ya ever won the lotto? get out of debt.( I can dream can't I?) Places you have lived.- Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Favorite Amusement park- 6 flags great america in Gurnee, Ill. Hidden talents?- yes, I can talk and sing in the chipmunk voice. Like cartoons? yes, Animaniacs, Bugs(Original), Pinky and the Brain. Anything else would be continued.....
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