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created on 08/04/2008  |
hello all.. and thanks for checking out this blog... I just wanted to let my friends and family know that i will be deleting my fubar account at the end of next week.. too much drama and all the B/S on here. i have met some really great ppl on here and then some others... i would like to keep in touch with some of my friends on here.. some of you have my number or yahoo.. please stay in touch i know 95% of my friends on here wont come look at this and that kinda suck cause i know they really arent a friend... but for those of you that do and dont know my yahoo or myspace send me a PM and i will send it to you.. I hope to keep in touch with most of my friends on here.. but if not.. i hope you have a good one. Nate
Just to let everyone know, tonight will probably be my last night on here for awhile. i have surgery on Wednesday(Aug. 6) morning and i will be unable to do anything for awhile. i might get on here tomorrow night but not sure... my surgery will be at 7am and i have to work til 11:30pm. so i will need my rest. I am having surgery on my shoulder.. i have torn a few things and i really need to get it fixed.. I will miss all my friends.. My heart goes out to a lot of you. dont forget bout me Nate
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