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NightWalker's blog: "Me"

created on 04/11/2008  |  http://fubar.com/me/b206358
well i havent really been on fubar much. been so freakin busy man. i am lookin for other job i no longer work for fedex they can kiss my fat ass!!!! jerks..ugh but not much has really changed tryin to do big things. i am gettin a tattoo soon on the back of my neck im gettin that done when i get my taxes back. love it. well some brats tried to burn my moms house down with her in it the other day man i get my hands on them i swear. and the office wont do anything about it. my mother is disabled. something happens to my mom it's world war 3 buddy belive that. i mean i cant belive people these days. it makes me sick how stupid they are anymore. whats is this world coming to? matter of fact i dont want to know. wewre gettin a new puppy next week i cant wait!!! its a ankle bitter lol now she will be 8 weeks old and can come home!! i am just afaid of how lucy is going to act. lol lucy protects me as it is. i mean where ever i am is lucy. no lie i feel like she is my child..lol i love my fat doggers tho. i hope everyone is doing fine and is great
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