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Ive talked to a few people lately, and of course everybody is asking, how I am. Well the truth is not very well, I feel as if I am a little rowing boat in the middle of the largest ocean, just sailing around aimlisly, without any direction. I have been spending more time with my children and family as well, which is natural. As for the future of me on fubar I dont really know, Ive still got 3 weeks left of my VIP, but my heaert isnt in it at the moment. I know I could take a break from it, but i know from experience the last time, a lot of people just forget about you, you become a distant memory. To leave Fubar would mean to leave behind the lots of good friends I have on here, maybe over time I will be guided on what to do. A couple of people have asked me lately to do them graphics, to be totally honest I havent opened my paint program since last week, or if I do it just sits there blank, my creativity has gone also for a walk around. Hopefully within the next 3 weeks i might be a bit closer on what i want and whether fubar will still be part of that
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