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created on 06/02/2009  |

Just a reminder that my birthday is near s dont forget to check out my wishlist - i promise to be more regular - ill take more ex lax :)




luv ya all

OK so this morning my other phone rung and it was a neighbour from where I used to live - apparently some guy was loking for me about my sister (real life one) - I was wtf I aint heard from her in like 14 years so about 20 minutes later the guy calld me and wanted to come round and talk before he called her and said it was all good - still in shock at this burly londoner hitting my house :) we spoke, he remembered me when I was a baby and he remembered all my family too - any way - me and my sister spoke on the phone and it was all emotions and tears and shock and excitement - ............................ and i spoke to my neice as well - good times - and many more to come now - and she hates my step mum as well - good :)

I shall be sending day comments in the early hours of what ever day it is my time - regardless that it might be staurday or sunday or even riday - im keeping a low profile on here now so will do what i do when i want to do it and you dont like it oh well delete me




I am on other sites now so this one is 2nd best :)

I have taken a few days break from Fubar to get my head straight - and now its gradually sstraightening out I feel ready to return to partially full service tomorrow or sunday.


But a few things will change - and the main one is me - I WILL NOT BE TAKEN AS A FOOL ANY MORE SO DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING the last person that tried has just been blocked on here and I wont hesitate to block any one else (family or not) on here - NO ONE TAKES CLAIRE FUREY FOR A FOOL AND GETS AWAY WITH IT



Luv ya Mick :) xxxxx

Right so today is the first monday in august and time to clean up all manner of things - such as my house (though thats getting done for me)the main thing I gotta do is clean up my Fubar and love life so today is as good a day as any to do that -


If you are in my family on here you might not have much to worry about cos I class my Fu family as good friends - although we may not communicate on a regular basis thats not the point -family members - remember this - Im a hard hearted bish so you must have done something good for me to be in my family - I will leave that to your imagination as to what you think you have done :)


However at the moment I defo dont class feeling the love from some family members as one word answers or total ignorance - I make an attempt to communicate and if the best you can do is one word - well you really aint worth my time or effort so you might end up removed from my family - but like you would give a damn - after all you will probably think that a few extra words will get you back in my family - oh just think on - I aint that soft on anyone now.

Now this entry is all about me me and more me


Ok to cut a long story short (but not too short or you wont have anything to read!) but I have a broken leg THAT IS TAKEN LONGER THAN EXPECTED TO HEAL but oh well, because of that I have been fighting with local authorities over here for nigh on 12 months now for help and assistance in the house with the housework etc etc - well just as I was giving up all hope of everything I get a new social worker last week and for once in my life I get told something and its actually happening - next friday I have got a company coming in to clean the house from top to bottom (the full works if I require!) and then after that I have got some one coming in twice a week to help with the housework!!!!!!!!!!!

A few of you may think wow what a lazy bitch she is  -  think on, unless you actually know me and real life, you only know what I choose to put on here but there are a select few that know more about me :)

To be totally honest - I dont give two shakes of a dogs tail what you think of me and the amount of time I spend on pc - I have very good reasons for doing what I do when I choose to do it.....



(mood - angry)


OK - so to cut a long story short - Im tired of being taken for a muppet by some people and getting the blame for things I aint done...... I often apolgise for things I aint done just to keep the peace but from now on when Im accused of someting I know I aint done - I am gonna speak my mind and if I offend anyone - oh well - if what I say offends you - think about why I said what I said - there will be a valid reason believe me



(mood - accomplished)



(Typical Claire Furey statement here - IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT YOU READ - MOVE ON - ITS ABOUT ME AND WHO I AM etc etc

Ok so yeah Im british and proud of living in the UK....................


I could go into full description about me and my life - but to cut a long story short



I was an alcoholic for a good long time and now Im not - I hit rock bottom so I can see the good in others that some only see the bad in - dont judge me if you dont know me


As i have said before and I will say it again - I AINT GOT WHERE I AM TODAY BY BEING A GOOD LAW ABIDING CITIZEN - I got where I am the hard way and learnt a lot about the way of life - a lot of things you will probably have read in papers etc. I have actually experienced and believe me some things aint pretty but its life.



I am who I am - I look after my friends and family and those I hold to my heart - I have their backs and they know it...........




OK so this is aint my first and probably wont be my last profile on fubar - for those of you who know me - you will know about me but what the hey, a few things have changed since my last visit.


My name is CLaire I am 40 yo and I live in the UK (near London, in a cute little village where we drink Earl Grey from sunday best china and scones, and put our flora display in a Vaise, and the ohther side of the town drink Sainsbury Value Tea Bags out of plastic cups and eat rich tea biscuits and put our flowers in a milk bottle) I will let you decide what part I live in ;lmao :)


I have 15 tattoos and 4 piercings, a broken leg - too much drink pmsl.


I have 4 kids - all teenagers - and they are my life and during my disablity they have been the bmbs........


I can be found on here most of the time or actually socialising in the real world now.....



And finally .....................


<center> THIS GOES OUT TO ALL THOSE I HAVE LOVED AND LOST - your loss my gain - life has never been so good :)



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