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1. everyone will now pay taxes on everything they consume, 10% not just eating, but using in general, you buy a car , 10 % tax, u buy a home 10 % tax, no exceptions. all other taxes, income, capital gains, death tax, property tax are now null and void.  Tax "loopholes" are now also null and void. If expendatures by the governemt exceed the tax money taken in, all areas, with no exception, of the government will be cut until the budget is balanced.  States may add 2% state consumption tax and counties and cities may each add a 1% consumption tax. Making no one's tax being more than 14 % addition to what they actually consume. Considering most tax payers now will keep 30-50 % more of what they make under this policy everyone should be able to afford this regardless of how much they make. Since food and water is the most essential thing to living it will be taxed at HALF the rate across the board, as all other items.

2. marriage will no longer be recognized by the state, religions will be free to marry whomever however they please and those marriages will only be recognized by the religion they are married within.

3. all guns will be legal, the death penalty will be legal in all states with an express lane for obvious offenders (see batman dude).

4. no forms of energy will be supsidized by the government, if your energy works, youll get paid for it, if it doesnt work, tough shit.

5. all unecessary programs to the function of government itself will be cut. goverment will exist to defend out borders, police our streets, and handle our emergencies, no more, no less.  States, counties, and cities will now handle all safety-net programs and will have to run them at max-efficieny. Charties will now be allowed to participate in the assistence of safetey net programs with no restrictions as they see fit.

6. there will be no minimum wage. Cost of living will dramticly drop due to policy 1.

7. foriegn policy will NOT be determined on the basis of domestic economics. If you pose a threat to us, we will give you 14 days to abandon the threat or abandon the country in which you live, we will then take all actions necessary to dispose of the threat in the most humane way possible, but make NO mistkake, the threat will be eliminated. The time of america fearing anyone is over.

8. No senator, congressman, mayor, governor, president, or any other elected postion can be held any longer than 2 terms in any one position. No term length will exceed 6 years, but term lengths will be allowed to be shorter if the congress/senate, or state congress/senate votes as such. (sorry all you good guys out there but in order to curb the majority of bad guys' power this must be done, this keeps corruption to a minimum)

9. voter ID will now be in efffect, you must present identification to vote. legal ID's must be given by the minimum of a legal birth certificate and social security card. ID's must be photo ID. and confirmed to be registered BEFORE being allowed to vote. Criminals will now be allowed to vote IF they have served their full time, paid their full restitution, and not be on restrictive list of any sort, for instance probation, paroll, or sex offender registry.

10. all government employees will act in a professional manner at all times including during campaigns, any campaigner caught in a flat out lie, will be disqualified from running for office for a minimum of ten years.

11. all offices are subject to recall,  the terms of recall will be set according to adhering of law, differing political opinion will no longer be an exceptable reason for racall in any position.

12. lawsuits will be limited for all types, direct damage plus up to $5,000. "potential" pain and suffering will no longer be considered. (again sorry for those of you who have truly been wronged, but its another case of the pendelum swinging too far the other way, this is a long term benefit)


Not a complicated plan, but well thought-out, not a plan that will get me elected either cuz it tells a lot of people no. Thats something people dont want to hear very much. Happy reading I'll respond as the comments come in.

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