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30 Year Old · Male · From New Orleans, LA · Joined on October 21, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on April 9th · 3 referrals joined! · 2 different people have a crush on me!
30 Year Old · Male · From New Orleans, LA · Joined on October 21, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on April 9th · 3 referrals joined! · 2 different people have a crush on me!

Wut Up...Welcom to Louisiana Where tha police are corrupt... Where niggas wit no money die between the age of 15 an 21 but you see me I made up ma mind along time ago Ill neva fall into dat system shit Imal hustle till I get enough an Imal get out cause you kno wut...I got caught up I started feinin fo dat shit...there aint no love out here on these streets...Now anythang u sell any corna u work from rememba dats ma shit I can take it from U any time...any time I want to aslong as U kno dat I wont have to make a example out U...One day I kno Imal have to die but wit ma gat on ma side Imal still be tha baddest alive...
Ummm...Wut all do I do wit ma time?...B out here 24/7 365 on tha grind...aint no hata fixin to stop mine... dat y I b shinin...I gotta stay pullin any kinda hustle or lick a nigga can get his hands on to make dat loot ya kno wut Im sayin...I wake up in tha mornin wit dat money on ma mind...Its ma GRITS an EGGS...U kno a nigga gotta grind I aint lien...sometimes I feel lik Im ahead of ma time... Money ova Pussy!!! Ma nigga U wanna shine? Rememba U dont grind U dont eat...U dont eat u dont sleep...U Ganna struggle befo U bubble...Dats y U gotta play tha game fo keeps! Gotta grind befo U shine gotta play tha game smart dont be a retart! Gotta slur befo U talk...Gotta crawl befo u walk...I live dis...FED time follow me round talkin big unda cover shit...dats y Im always watchin ma bak...I dont kno who to trust its kinda fuked up...I gotta stay away from hot niggas wit rap sheets...if them bitches penn him then they can penn me...Send a nigga up tha road fo along time...Id b in there fo along time...They b lik fuk it dawg U got rich...but U kno U will B broke quick cause niggas cutthroat...So U gotta get ready fo tha storm cause ya "BOI" fuk ya main bitch lik they did ma nigga Bawns...once its on then its on...When they catch a bad apple they gon make em sing a song...Wit they word alone U will neva come home...They did ma nigga rong I kno he shakin his head wit wut them bitch niggas said...Now hes lost in tha feds... They want all tha assets U make off drug money...Hopin they can follow U to where yo plug comin...When tha cops get to takin money its on...Now ya gotta watch wut U buy now... watch wut U ride now...When tha fed on tha way U betta bury dat money or find somebody loyal who dont charish no money...U too deep to turn bak U try to quit an try to quit but U addicted aint it fuked up it aint neva tha man who fuk up everythang man dis shit Im talkin is real facts if U rich off off crack...they comin beleive dat...

All ma life I been hustlin anythang an everythang....I feel its in ma blood I can sell ICE to a ESKAMO! Rite now I own a store online selling tha hottest names in clothing shoes an jewelry. www.facebook.com/pages/jaysurbanwear To me everythang got a price on it...Wut U wear...Wut U eat...Wut U Drive...Where U sleep...Wut U sittin on readin readin dis...Even yo life! Everythang got a price some mo then othas but its a price...See fo dis life Im livin Im out to get it I cant stop I gotta hustle fo ma meal ticket Gotta stay up 24-7 cause a nigga bout his buisness Paper chasin money flowin I got to get it but I seen done an learn alot in ma life I go by a few rules Theres codes to tha game but no cheatin it...Always b real wit yaself an everyone else even tho these bitch niggas out here dont do it they jus hate cause they aint lik U...Always rep where U from U aint proud of it somethin rong wit U...I aint come from money I aint come from nice ass naborhoods but Im still proud of ma shit dat shit got to do wit bein tru to urself I guess if U aint proud of it wut u gon b proud of somethin dat aint U?...Always stay packin U neva kno wut around tha corna so be ready fo it...Only trust a few U neva kno wut these mutha fukas will do U gotta choose careful who U call ya crew do a review If U fake I dont wanna kno U...Its funny when yo ppl dat call theyselves yo rounds aint got shit fo U when U down but U see me I held it down thro tha thick an thin wit ma ppl Im lik CHUCKY friend to tha end bend Ma bak an b 100 wit ya If ya havin pussy problems I will run it wit cha but look at wut greed does a nigga so many friends in tha wind since dis money came...Dis world U cant survive witout money U cant have enough of it but dont let it make U no matta how hard u bubble U still U so stay U...An its Loyalty Befo Royalty...If U someone dat kno me personally an I fuked U ova an U want a Plea...U tha one fuked up U met a nigga lik me...


I own a studio & make musik JayWillProductions FIREWATER ENT BANX ENT If u wanna hear some of ma songs goto ma Studio myspace: www.myspace.com/jaywillproduction225 www.facebook.com/pages/firewater-ent

Or you can goto videos section on this page and check us out... All of these videos are ma ppl I deal with in the musik business managing promoting etc but no matter wut ill always b wit FireWater ENT BANX ENT ITS NOT TATTED ON ME FO NO REASON ITS FO LIFE!!!!!!

StreetLife ENT BAMBIZZLE!!!!

Imal add our videos to ma videos section!!!

U aint from where Im from U dont feel how I feel Pussy niggas speak bout it but they dont live how I live People dont undastand dat we don struggled fo yrs they aint neva struggled so they dont kno how it is I carry ma G status all I see in ma hood is weed heads an dope addicks Its war goin on they increasin tha BEEF status look at it ...

See some ppl always talk bout Im so real Im so real but all they have is a life filled wit drama and its all fantasy I come strikly wit tha facts I made ma way through the darkest of days Da smiling to cover tha frowns cause of pistols and aks Tha sinest of ways but only time I sit in tha shade is when I jump out hit U in tha face and split ya brain...yea Its a shame that I those that route...A teenager wit alot of oppurnity but notice how I LOCed around sellin maself short...Had ta go hard even fo soo long...Thought I never would go far but as long as I kept up ma mean mugg lookin beat up an swollowed I felt stuck as hollow tips melt thugs... Kno death before U jump...Ma podnas look at me lik wut tha fuk...I think deep only when I drink and sleep its all some bad dreams thats all I do... Its Horrible as its sweet tha way I explain my life but wut tha hell is goin on its lik there is no focus in sight...I think bout tha fact why hustle fa chump change... A pound a week aint doin a thing but bills for a month man Me Im a lunch man I probly spend dat on jus ma beer an herb man...Look its cleary a fact disappearing retrack one that is real I cant afford to ignore it Im thinking is such a choar Easier jus to do it No Im not stupid Im just usto it I Just think of platnium ways to become a fugitive I wake up cold and I got tha shivers I kno dis drinkins givin me shimmers and I kno I dun hurt ma liver...Everythang gettin so hecktic I dont mean to be unpleasnt but I cant stop stressin I got to get control of my life before I ruin everybody elses...Everybody else is talkin so bad about me When Im trin to do rite it makes them unhappy to see tha fact that I could be sober and handle my biznaz and come into ma sences before they commedence Now ppl Im friends wit tell me wut can I expect Ull regret if U let the hatred keep u in check Money and Hoes all tha pleasure could disappear They holla ride or die but they aint ganna always be near The lord will give u signs u just neva see em No matter wut U think Beleive me my life is real...
U talk Lik a G...U walk lik a G...But U aint a G...Now U see me? A G is all I can B! I got ma souljas on an Im pistol grippin I aint ganna get caught slippin They aint bout to do me lik they did Soulja Slim in!

If U in BR Go an ask somebody I aint neva been a bitch I grind hard take ma charge I aint neva been a snitch If U trin to knock how I live U gon get popped wit ma steel...Dat iron will get ya mind rite an dats how Im rockin foreal I had to fight ma whole fukin life...I had to slang some iron to get some niggas mind rite I went to skool an broke tha rules U talked shit I broke on U niggas get tha backhand fuk dat tha hoes too these niggas talkin shit then I tol ma clic dont panic man I got it Imal send a hit when I was small I had heart I always tried fo it I learn how to swim jumpin off tha divin board Im neva scared I always face ma problems from tha top to tha bottom...

Let it rain Let it flood, let a CRIP kill a 6lood. Let it rain let it drip, KILL a slo6k cuhz i claim CRIP. Let it rain let it thunder, 6urry a slo6k 6^ feet under. When i DIE show no pitty, 6ring my soul to gangsta city.
6^ flyin 5 dyin. 6^ poppin 5 droppin. CANT stop wont stop, BK all day till' my 6lue casket drops. Throw the C^'s up and the b's DOWN. Fuc all slobks kill'em with my KNIFE.
BK all day PCK NHCs yea we goin hard in tha paint!

I was born in it I was raised in it! God put me in dis hood fo a reason...Looks lik Im gon foeva THUG!

We gon do dis shit tha dumway U aint stupid U kno I keep a tool shoot u ya house ya car too u kno im ill b bak fo tha part 2 if u dont lik it all I can say is FUK U look at these niggas talkin bout the bussin bitch loook i buss too! Dats how Im rockin dats how Im comin If U really b in tha streets then u kno im tha dummest! Ma niggas behind me 51-50 so anybody can get it! It can get dum rite quick I can make it happen LOUISIANA in tha buildin an u already kno we bout dat action...

Black glove...Black mask...I say tha word...An dats ya ass!! Momma dont undastand y we gotta hurt these niggas but we on tha road to richies so we gotta murda these niggas...Sho U how to murk a nigga b paitent 1 fo 1 Ill lay ya all down so keep hatin...Im from tha side of town where niggas ride round strapped bullet proof vest an all dat... RED RUM spelled backwards cause a nigga gotta eat Ill do dat shit backwards if U play wit me Im a product of ma enviorment dat BATON ROUGE SOUTH SIDE where we b wildin an terrorizin all tha times!


30 Year Old · Male · From New Orleans, LA · Joined on October 21, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on April 9th · 3 referrals joined! · 2 different people have a crush on me!
Video Games

But lemme get on some otha shit fo yall real quick...alot of yall mite not undastand but rememba REAL reconize REAL Im srry fo u bitch niggas readin dis...But yea on tha gate HATE is in and LOVE is out on tha strength they cant figure out wut Love is about Backstabing and Cut Throat is tha way that we live If dats all u recieve Dats all u can give When ppl smile all the time They hurting inside When they cant look you in ur eyes They lackin in pride You see them niggas that be muggin fa nuttin They doin bad Coming up is too complicated for them so they mad Some niggas hustle for a min and fall on they ass They afta a good time They aint afta tha cash Tru hustlas kno about them raining days and kno how to tuck tha stash Know how to work tha drought and maintain till it pass Tha dice games aint good when u shootin ur last Its lik u drivin blind sided and u definatly crash Optimisium is a mission Nigga hustle wit phassion but once u crash da mission...Its death or either prison...Dats a hell of a decision...REAL TALK
Anotha shout out to everyone...

From tha cradle to tha grave Imal always b a hustla...As long as I succeed there gon always b a busta...U bitches out here aint on ma LVL...I kno cause ma hustle is waayyy betta...I count stacks on tha regular...I usta post up wit half a bird an smith a wesson at 17...now im trin to retire when im 27...So much G shit don went down behind fedy...Now all i can do is hope an pray I go ta heaven...But fuk it I got ma vest an Im out here gettin pull...Nigga aint ganna stop cause ma stomach gotta stay full! If ma chips get tight U damn rite imal come take urs...U eva felt a 44 spit? Play wit me I aint neva been bout dat hoe shit...Creep down on ya an get it ova wit...How many of yall gotta hata? I kno I got me some...Got so many I can sell em by tha LB... an LORD knos I dont mind if I gotta pop me one...Yea I got bricks but I aint wide open wit it dats dum...Wanna get it? I got a bitch dat will drop u some...Fuk wit dis one an Imal go up in stank mode leave ya head on tha dash board on plank rd...Fukin ova me? Nigga no I dont think soo...U aint nuttin but a hoe...These niggas out here hatin...Make me wanna grab ma thang an start sprayyin! Wut they kno bout dat? Yea we youngstas but we all got gats...Im on a whole notha LVL dawg Ill go head an punish yall so I dont have to hear any mo bout U niggas mouthin off...Sometimes yo enemy on yo passenger side...He ridin wit U gettin high...U cant beleive it but U kno dat he sneaky...Alotta niggas playa hate cause they aint me so in they mind theyll do wuteva jus to stank me...So I think Im so gangsta and I think Im all dat? Ya mothafukin rite as a matta in fact...Hatas love ta see me comin...but hate ta see me beatin...Is it cause Im broad or is it cause I be Crippin...They wont get in ma way cause they kno I b pistol grippin...

Where Im from we play it raw...We cutthroat an bout our buisness...Some call it new orleans but we nicknamed it choppa city...It tha home of tha Hornets...Home of tha Saints...Dont get dat name twisted well toss U off in tha lake...If U want work well tell U we got weight...Well tax u 22 fo a bird of flour...Meet at tha spot on tha block an dis key of coke will fumble...Its down south hustlin...We get paid in many ways...If U got ova 100gs Im comin to buss yo head...I say fuk tha FEDs an imal say it agian! From tha streets to tha penn I play tha game to win...
An U already kno Baton Rouge sick wit it...Shit aint a game boi...Shoulda stayed on yo game boi...These streets aint a game boi...Split ya frame boi...Ma niggas aint playin boi...We dont do drive bys We tip toe on niggas...A glock or a 45 will kill 4 niggas...Fuk yo niggas...Ma niggas cutthroat niggas beleive dat...DEAD niggas DEAD bitches dis is homicide...U already kno Im gon ride fo dat south side...I bleed pain an take pain to anotha lvl...Tha last nigga got burnt fukin wit ma chedda...Too much weed an codine fuked up ma attitude...Any nigga in ma way I put ma gat on U...I speak tha truth bout THA BOOT...U aint shit...Im quick to spit...An U kno Im hollin self defence...U get ya issue round here we dont take no loses...Niggas b pickin on alil nigga...Words of advice from a real nigga...Get ya steal nigga an deal wit em...
I stay thinkin bout tha times on tha grind...Suppling all da dimes and crimes wit tha nines gettin mine and tha lien and tha wine and tha blind Nigga die jus tryin ta SHINE..Should I slow ma roll or speed dat thang up? Break tha gar up and Roll dat thang up...Niggas tottin choppas on a mission ta bang em...Niggas call they podnas from prison they hang up...We was raise rite but choose ta do rong Now we caught up in tha hipe and told ta be strong...Tha consequences to our actions break us down in fractions but we did wut we did knowing this could happen...Gettin up so our enemy got us life in tha penn...Sentence lik we killed Kennedy or Dr King Kurt Franklin told tha world tha reason we see but wut do people suppose to do when they aint got a thang?

Do U remeba dat Ol dude...Dat didnt have no food? Dat was ME and U treated me soo rude...I respect it but I kept it in ma locka...Now da hoes wanna call an these niggas call me poddna...Should I dwell on tha past? Da hell wit da past I caught it spade ta spade but fire ta da gas...Im gettin ma cash...I can buy alil ass...Fuk slowin ma role I was taught ta live fast...If U ma friend to tha end...There aint no end...We can die and go else where and kick it agian...Or a life sentence dat could foeva...Burn tha ink out cha pin? Get tha motor out tha radio and graffiti ya skin...U knew dat nigga sence birth? He step at ya house...Yall became truest niggas...Then he sold U out...Im sayin prayers everynight hopin it will do some good...HEAVENs on tha other side but its HELL ova here in tha hood...

Everytime I open ma eyes I thank GOD fo wakin dis soulja...In dis cruel world Its hard to walk these streets bein sober...It hurts trin to get ova all dis weight on ma shoulders...Its all on me to really accept dat I lost ma brotha I gotta b strong an go on fo ma motha...Pillows an covers cant smotha tha pain dat I have...Sometimes I feel lik I lost ma betta half...So sad but dats way in tha ghetto...See yo life is already made...tha life of livin is then...U could lose it if It came today...U mite catch me walkin wit ma head down in tha pourin rain...Trin to find answers to tha questions nobodys seems to explain...I couldve been born son of a KING...but instead I born surrounded by killas... dealers...an fiens...

God I got some questions...Maybe U can answer...Why I lost ma brotha...Now through it all I try to ball an keep it real...They say I dont feel wut I feel an Im not real...I guess cause they dont live where I live...U seen ma mom try to b strong when ma brotha was gone...But I seen her face in tha mirror an wipe her tears...I seen ma nabor kill himself...Was it cause of stress? Or regret? Was It really dat bad to choose death?

I live ma whole life jus to stack some chips...Its a shame when yo own homie sank yo ship...Ma momma would cry when tha church is packed...All ma family an friends dressed in
black...Its sad to see ma homies leave dis earth...We usta say ball till we fall...But now its ashes an dirt...Sometimes I feel lik Im trapped between heaven an hell...In tha ghetto purgatory wit feins an crack sells...Sometimes I feel kinda lost man...I kno GOD sho up but he dont talk man...When Im in tha bak of dat police car I jus say a prayer...I look at ma nigga lik...We gon b straight lil daddy...He bring feelin bak in ya legs when U paralised...He bring sence bak in ya head when ya brain die...GOD hell take dat pain away... All U gotta do is PRAY...You can buy everythang U want to day...But only GOD can take dat pain away...U jus got caught? Hell take dat pain away...U aint got nobody to talk to? Hell take dat pain away...Feel lik u down an out? Hell take dat pain away...U feel lik u lost? Hell help U find yo way...Jus Pray...keep ya head up an stay TRU...
Rest In Peace
I kno U tol me U was tha first to take a bullet fo me...I wish I was there dat nite to take it fo u...
Jus cause U take a life dont mean Urs had to B takin...Im still talkin to GOD bout it...
Tha Good Die Young...It wasnt yo fault Why A Lion Need Courage When He Already Got Heart?
It wasnt even ur battle dawg...but we won it fo u...Beleive dat...
An To All Ma Tha Rest Of Ma PPLs
Watch Ova Ya Nigga An Help Guide Me Thro Dis Maze We Call Life

Its a dirty dirty world dat we live in an it keeps on turnin..Niggas keep gettin shot an they still aint learnin...Gotta wrap ya dick up cause ya dick can have tha hicups...Women play games so I advise U get a prenup...U see dis world wicked...There killins from all skools from college to elementry...Some ppl dont do shit fo they child...Some jobs dont give U shit when U retire...Ppl get they money an give it to otha countrys...An ppl in they same hood livin lik junkies...Ppl hate more an more lik a bitch...Look at Micheal Vick...All dat shit bout some pits...Dis world make me sick...Its ok when they kill deers they put em on tha wall fo kicks...We fight dogs yall fight chickens wut tha fukin difference...More money more murda its a fact of life...So watch ya bois watch tha cards an watch tha dice...U only live life once U gotta do it BIG...Cant even leave home wit out ya gun...gotta stay kinda parinoid...Cant even trust ya own family at times...Its either RAP SHOOT BALL or HUSTLE...dats tha only way U make it out dis mutha fuka...Nigga will make ya whole family cry...Cant even ride thro ma hood in peace...Got me hollin FUK THA POLICE...FUK tha judge wit his grudge...Pussy bitch label me a thug...FUK tha jury...FUK tha distric attorney...

Them niggas dat say Im not G...Dont hate on me cause u cant be me...Smiling in ma face since way bak when...now ya mad cause U see me doin it B.I.G...You aint neva satisfied always trin ta get mo...Wishin it was you ridin DUBs on a Impala SixFo...Why hustle everyday If you aint stackin change...Why pull it out if u aint ganna let it rang...Why U gon rep if U dont even bang? U Betta stay out ma way cause U kno how I do it...Bitch Im a gangsta U tha one dats new to it...Wuts da use in wearin Dickies if U aint gon let em hang Whats tha point in havin friends if you aint tru to em...Why shoot on a nigga if U scared to get up on em...

It be da same ol foos breakin tha rules runnin off at da mouth... I pass through they hood wit tools but they dont come in da south...I tryin ta tell these niggas to feel me when tha drama come beef...Across tha track they ganna smell ya boi cause Ima dump heat...Break it down rite quick...Tear it down rite quick...Wit dat heat up unda tha seat itll go down lik dis...Goin on fo to long man I feel Im stuck in dis beef...

I feel these niggas Fakin on me...Im out here 100 to em now they hatin on me...I got ma own ratchet now they shakin on me...I don clic wit ma niggas how u think Im gon be...

Same ol shit...niggas hatin when u shine...finally on fira so I aint let u takin mine...Same ol bitch jump in ma face wastin time...Same ol clic dat gon get sprayed wit dat iron

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