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The meaning of love in my eyes.... Ok why do people have to change? Why do people have to lie and decieve? Why do they think its better to lie about things. You know I have been hurt, lied to, cheated on, and decieved by every man I have ever been with. I am about sick and tired of the bullshit and the drama that goes with it. Well as everyone knows my life is not going as planned. The man I love hurt me once again. Then tells me he wants to prove he loves me but yet still lies to me? Well the way that I see things is if you love someone you should prove that if you are with them or not with them, and if you really want something or someone then you will fight with every breath you have to get that. Am I not right here? You fall in love then 90% of people assume that once the fight is over and you got that love you dont have to fight for that anymore..WRONG!!! You have to fight to keep that love alive and going strong. Love is a struggle everyday, and will be as long as your heart loves something or someone. If you love then fight with everything you have no matter what. If you dont want that love to last then give up the fight and let it fade. If you dont have that love and/or have lost that love then you are going to fight even harder to prove to that love that you are for real and mean what you say and are willing to go to any measure to prove to that person that you want that love back. That in my eyes is true and unconditional love. Well I think I got everything off my chest for now. Will blog again. Cher
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