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purplefairy1982's blog: "LOVE"

created on 04/07/2008  |  http://fubar.com/love/b205379

well im still single but i am looking.  not having alot of luck finding someone. i wish that i could find someone.

well im still single. have been since august 2nd and not sure how long im going to be. hope it is on to long, i need to have someone that i can depend on in my life. thought i found that before but they turnd out to be really big ass holes and treated me like i was not a person. well we will see what is going to happen.


Why is he asking poeple on here what he sould do? I am not using him. No one understands what is going on with us. Yes i do admit that i sat at home not doing anything, but he told me i did not have to go to work. then when we told me that the rent was going up i went out and go a job, and about me missing work for a week you have to understand what was going on with me. since that happend i have been to work everyday and i will not miss a day unless i am told to stay home. i just wish he would talk to me about it and not post our problems on here. I have had a couple people tell me that the person that i am with has been using me since February. She has sat around the house until I tell her to get a job or she leaves my life. then after 3 days doesnt go to work for a week. She lives with me. the thing that i would like to know is what I have done with her or what i have said to her is in love or because I am tired of her using me.
Im in love with a really great guy. His name is Bo. him and i are going to get married soon. I know that the day that he asked me out and i said yes that we would be together for along time. i just hope that nothing ever comes between us. I love you Bo so much with all my heart and soul.
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