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Have you ever had something to say But the words just didn't fit? Where it was right on the tip of your tongue But you still couldn't think of it? Yet sometimes you'll pick up a card And it says exactly what is true It's funny how hard it seems to be Just to tell someone Thank You. So thank you for the open door The bedspread and the sheets Thank you for the mornings When you rubbed my blistered feet. Thank you for the medicine When my tummy wasn't feeling right. Thank you for the stories shared As you tucked me in at night. Thank you for the cups of soup When my cold wouldn't go away. Thank you for the midnight snacks When I didn't eat all day. Thank you for the hugs you shared And thank you for the kisses. Thank you for your lovely home Something I'm sure to misses
from deep down you really loved them but you never told them once Regretting every move you make Waiting for your turn to take It hurts when they dissaprove All you wanna do is hold them in your arms sleep upon the clouds and look up to the stars How do you tell someone you care When there never really there You see them everyday No notice do they take Maybe you should wait Tell them on a better day The only problem is Will it be to late
Iíve watched as youíve torn yourself apart Your own worst critic condemning and harsh Iíve sat and listened to your tale of woe You have no one left and no where to go You tell me your armour is broken and dented And you look like a soul, torn and demented But I canít help wishing youíd pick yourself up Shake the dust of you boots and never give up No one can rob you of your dreams but you No one can tell you what you should do Only you can grasp the things you desire So stand up and start to re-stoke your fire You tell me again how you canít go on Youíre crushed and feel like you donít belong I listen as you curse the hand you were dealt You tell me no one understood how you felt You let out a sigh and call for surrender Reach out for a hand thatís warm and tender I want to shake you and tell you the world did not end You still have life, you still have a friend No one thing defined the person inside One part of you lost does not mean you died I love you and so Iíll tell you what shouldnít surprise Self pity is the one thing that will bring your demise You look in my eyes with fear and loss You tell me that you feel like you have been turned and tossed You never thought life would turn out this way You loathe the night and curse the day I pull you close to my side, whisper in your ear All is not lost, I am still here
When Iím sitting here alone With nothing left to do Thatís when my mind starts drifting Then my thoughts land on you. I think of what we had What we could have shared I want you to know Iím not mad Want you to know I cared. Maybe your words werenít meaningless Maybe they werenít all lies Maybe I always knew that I could see it in your eyes But that doesnít matter now Because youíre still gone Even if I said Iím sorry Has it been too long? Maybe I wanted to be there Maybe it was my choice You shouldnít have made it for me I have my own voice If everything was how you say it was Then how could you just let go? Tell me your secrets Because I still donít know How was it easy for you? Itís still so hard for me Youíve moved on so quickly So damn easily Guys have come and gone since you But none of them are the same Iím saying I STILL want to be with you I want you to cure my pain.
Even we're apart I still cared for you If you have trouble and problems I'm so concern about you I'm ready to help you but I have no power to talk to youEven we're separated I'm still observing you of what life is going on, I want to know who you really are or what lifestyle do you have Whether you are responsible or irresponsible person. Even our closeness as friends are gone I still like you and I'm proud of it Talking to you seldom and in asking your friend about you is also a part of observing you. Is that ok with you? To know you better...... when we're apart...
Tell me what I'm thinking. Tell me what I dream. Tell me I'm just acting. Tell me how I seem. Tell me who I hate. Tell me who I like. Tell me how I rate. Tell me you are right. Tell me how I am. Tell me how I look. Tell me all you can. Read me like a book. Then I'll tell you something Although I know you won't agree. Only I know what I'm thinking. Because I am only me.
When I cry you help me out When I'm happy you here me shout When I grin you can tell I'm mad Because you are my best friend You can tell when I'm sad You are their thick and thin You hear me when I want to talk You help me when I get mad And you are the bestest friend I've ever had SO here me out when I say You are the moon in my night And the light in my day You shine very bright You are the bestest firend I have And I would give my life for yours


A is for always being there for me. B is for being everything a friend should be. C is for calling me to make sure I'm alright. D is for dancing crazily with me, even late at night. E is for everything you have done in the past. F is for never fading, our friendship will always last. G is for going anywhere and everywhere. H is for hard and easy times we have shared. I is for interesting moments we have had. J is for just everything, good or bad. K is for killing anyone who hurts me. L is for letting me be who I want to be. M is for making me happy no matter what. N is for never grabbing my butt. O is for opening your home and life to me. P is for putting me where I've always wanted to be. Q is for quickly rescuing me from my bad dreams. R is for running to save me as I fell through shattered seams. S is for smiling with me when there's nothing funny. T is for turning my days from gray to sunny. U is for understanding all that I'm going through. V is for visiting me whenever I'm feeling blue. W is for waiting for me everyday after school. X is for x-raying me just to be cool.. Y is for you never letting go. Z is for being my love, my friend, and my hero.
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