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name:Rock and Roll Circus (SFW)
created at:2012-05-26 13:35:50
created by:Rick
frosty: now all u need is some decent tunes to listen to
frosty: lol.....he's fully qualified
bird on a wire: appears so...rick good ...can even coach idiots
frosty: all fixed up are ya
frosty: mornin lin
bird on a wire: Hiya Frosty
bird on a wire: Thanks Rick. All working now.
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*****  frosty has left the lounge! *****
frosty: g'day eh
*****  frosty has entered the lounge! *****
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hank: bye all
frosty: cya later pin
hank: out of here as well
hank: ty for the visit
frosty: adios
hank: see you later
hank: ok lad you go safe
frosty: guess i should go spend time with my daughter since she was nice enouh to come home for the weekend
hank: then i have a few crappy jobs to do here
hank: haha
hank: hes not only ugly hes pot ugly
hank: going to watch f1 quali for the race tomorrow
frosty: k cya later hank
frosty: he ugly too
hank: i off as well for a while frosty
frosty: k
hank: lazy sod he is
frosty: ty
frosty: amy says hi uncle rick
hank: ricks off for a kip
hank: wb
frosty: back
hank: i think i will go soon as well to watch f1 quali and then get on with a couple jobs i want to do here
*****  DJSmurfy has left the lounge! *****
hank: untill then you go safe
hank: will speak to her later and say you were here
hank: ok lad
pinhead: ok Hank but another time
hank: see u soon
hank: best of luck on a car
hank: have a good day steve
hank: i will speak to her later
hank: but if you have to go steve
hank: ok was going to call the bint
pinhead: I need to get going too
hank: ok rick
hank: but crap as the doc
pinhead: ok rick sleep well
hank: he was fine in all creachers great and small a vet thing
Rick: sorry folks but I gotta have a nap.. hagd, will be back a bit later
hank: sodt og gave up at peter davidson
hank: ok i started in the old days
hank: they keep using crap guys to play the doc
pinhead: this will be my 4th doctor
hank: last few docs been crap i think
hank: i dont watch it these days
hank: yes a major change
pinhead: Hank that would be different
hank: dont know how good that would be
hank: yes bbc controler says a lady dr is due
pinhead: hb frosty
frosty: brb
Rick: smurfy even.. sorry
Rick: hagd smury. hb
pinhead: really Hank?
hank: they want a lady dr who i see
hank: best of fun with the bump
pinhead: Bte Smurfy hagd
hank: great to se eu lass
hank: hb go safe
pinhead: I am even wearing my doctor who tee shirt
hank: we built this place to survive
DJSmurfy: ok yall ill bbl miss me loves ya
Rick: john bird
hank: cool steve
DJSmurfy: lol
hank: lol rick i do
DJSmurfy: i was gonna ask hank beat me to it
pinhead: the new doctor is starting
DJSmurfy: yeah what he said
hank: whats happening
hank: cool steve
pinhead: tonight is the big night for me and my wife
hank: all levels have 2 2 ton doors
hank: 30 mm glass
DJSmurfy: i was hummm time to move
hank: to deflect the blast
Rick: when country overrun with savages wear skirts and paint themselves blue you better have a fortress
DJSmurfy: my daughter who is 10 now was 6wks old when hurricain charlie hit us and i lived in a trailer when i got back to the trailer it was gone
hank: and we have 10 ft by 3 ft walls round the place
pinhead: Hank u dont have a house U have a bomb shelter
hank: its designed to take a nuc 3 miles off and survive

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