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name:Rock and Roll Circus (SFW)
created at:2012-05-26 13:35:50
created by:Rick RLE FM2 Feisty
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: hb
hank: brb need coffee
hank: and drive safe
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: sweet dreams sis hugsssss
hank: hb
hank: ok sally
IrishQueen rlm2...: *goes POOF*
IrishQueen rlm2...: HUGS n
IrishQueen rlm2...: feel a nap looming.... gonna bop, got a few games to hit on FB, need to be awake by noon in case they do an early release
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: -y
IrishQueen rlm2...: smh hank
hank: its a school of thought
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: no commenty
hank: hehe
hank: maybe putting you down rick will speed her recovery
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: well did ya pass the test or they gonna have you put down?
IrishQueen rlm2...: wb Sheila
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: wb babe
hank: wb
IrishQueen rlm2...: fire the weather person?
*****  Feisty RLE FM2 ... has entered the lounge! *****
hank: longer the better i say
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: well adjust the clock
IrishQueen rlm2...: it was supposed to start snowing at 9......... its after 9, still raining
hank: wow i do remember things
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: yep
hank: lba is large block address?
hank: had to look
hank: yes says sata on it
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: k then will be SATA
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: I bought a 18 gb drive but had to run it as a 8 gb computer didn't support LBA
hank: has small conector
hank: not ide for sure
hank: its a sata drive
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: used to have to move pins to enable LBA to use full drive
*****  Feisty RLE FM2 ... has left the lounge! *****
hank: was going to use it to hold pics when away
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: should not seen that in about 15 years
hank: will a format fix that
hank: i found an old hd here rick that says 160 gb but only shows up as 20 gigs
hank: lol rick
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: lol
hank: hehe
hank: thought you wouldnet be here as your feeding her in the pit u have for her
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: took me a long time to find a woman with COPD so could use it
IrishQueen rlm2...: yeah you did
hank: i am surprised shes got here same as u today
hank: its a good one
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: just couldn't resist that one
hank: hehe
hank: i refuse to say a word now
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: apparently I just take her breath away lol
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: oh damn Sis, did I forget to mention Sheila is in the ER
hank: glad it wasnt mine rick
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: ouch
hank: £ 3 or 4 million as well
hank: was total loss
hank: took them 4 months to remove it
hank: the best was a 300 ton one in peterhead that was on a lift fell over because of a hole under a foot
IrishQueen rlm2...: indeed
hank: thats a big oopss
IrishQueen rlm2...: wow
hank: its happend like 1 mile from me
hank: wenbt in the ditch
hank: hey a massive 90 ton crane went off the road near me and fell over
IrishQueen rlm2...: hb
hank: hb
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: hb love
hank: she will finaly turn up at the gate
Feisty RLE FM2 ...: bbs got do one test
hank: true rick true
hank: lol
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: madge gonna do that for him if he don't answer calls soon
hank: if they canty find my little winkie not a chance
hank: lol sally
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: lol
IrishQueen rlm2...: oh so they havent cut them off yet hank?
hank: i have 5 months to decide still
hank: then again i will have him or her if i renew my atpl
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: cool
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: apparently not
hank: lol rick i managed to avoid seeing the nut doc sofar
IrishQueen rlm2...: there is NO help for his mental bro
hank: hehe
hank: like a rash
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: but still no improvement on mental front
IrishQueen rlm2...: I do worry about you ya know, ya kind a grew on me as a friend
hank: liver and kidneys seem to be a bit better
hank: and the doc said the bloods getting better bit by bit
Feisty RLE FM2 ...: im on albuterol inhaler
hank: ok sally ty
IrishQueen rlm2...: how are things going with that Hank?
hank: the other when needed
hank: 1 i take in the morning and at night
hank: i have 2 diffrent types of inhailer
Rick RLE FM2 Fe...: women. even gotta teach them to breath
hank: thats good
Feisty RLE FM2 ...: they making me do breathing treatments now at home
hank: lol
IrishQueen rlm2...: boy germs

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