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name:Country Side NSFW - Live DJ Nightly. Trivia Saturday night 9EST.Hiring Staff
created at:2016-10-08 21:01:06
created by:Plowboy11
TRIPS: would think you would to me ,if you didnt think i was in some way
PatsyGirl: ty john
TRIPS: i know you are
PatsyGirl: i try
PatsyGirl: im a good person ...i think
TRIPS: i hold on to you
PatsyGirl: there are some out there john
TRIPS: but if you do hold on to them
TRIPS: dont find them much
PatsyGirl: thats good...im doing ok here ty
TRIPS: i was brought up to beleave in god,i was brought up to beleave in good ppl
Thomas508: hows u?
Thomas508: yea I'm adapting
PatsyGirl: lol tommy,,,so how are u doing,,,like ur new place?
LittlemissxXToroXx: here but eating
Thomas508: I deserved that
Thomas508: haha
===   PatsyGirl smacks Thomas508 up side the head and says behave or bad things might happen
Thomas508: I believe in cheesus
PatsyGirl: lmao shup tommy
TRIPS: i beleave in what i want to beleave in
Thomas508: swallows em' whole
PatsyGirl: lol tommyyyyyy
TRIPS: my sister is a johovas witness,dont beleave in any hollidays
LittlemissxXToroXx: im babtist also but fire dragon is catholic
Thomas508: Patsy loves hot dogs
TRIPS: dont beleave in a faith were they can tell you what you can eat
PatsyGirl: lol
LittlemissxXToroXx: so your good
TRIPS: no im baptist
PatsyGirl: awww shame on u john
LittlemissxXToroXx: you must not be catholic
TRIPS: hell
PatsyGirl: lol ok
TRIPS: i had hot dogs earlier,so i guess im goin to heel
PatsyGirl: sass are u ok
LittlemissxXToroXx: i just texted with pam she didnt say
PatsyGirl: guess tim is sleeping agn?
LittlemissxXToroXx: i sure hope it is im getting hungry
PatsyGirl: lol
PatsyGirl: g
PatsyGirl: sounds ood
LittlemissxXToroXx: we are having fried shrimp and hush puppies just for danny
PatsyGirl: we went out for fish
LittlemissxXToroXx: mmmmmmmm dinner is smelling good
PatsyGirl: lol
LittlemissxXToroXx: lol i thought better of it after i hit enter
PatsyGirl: dont ask miss lol
PatsyGirl: lol
TRIPS: really yo want me to answer that,lol
LittlemissxXToroXx: hold on to what?
PatsyGirl: ok im holding
TRIPS: hold on plz
LittlemissxXToroXx: its been a cool slow day here
PatsyGirl: im trying to wind down a bit,,,,been a hectic day
PatsyGirl: ok call if u want
Greeneyes FE2 F...: im no ty
PatsyGirl: lol shup john
*****  DV8Jas0n FM2RLG... has left the lounge! *****
PatsyGirl: still feeling bad huh sis,,,im sry hon ,,if u need to talk im here
TRIPS: no one leaves till i pass out
Greeneyes FE2 F...: you already no sista
TRIPS: say
PatsyGirl: wrong
TRIPS: what did sat earlier
PatsyGirl: whats wron sis?
Greeneyes FE2 F...: ya im gonna go for now might be back later if i feel better
PatsyGirl: hru tonite jason
PatsyGirl: oh ok sry
PatsyGirl: at walmart
PatsyGirl: arent u working tomorrow john?
TRIPS: what am i doing tomarrow
PatsyGirl: ikr it was terrible
LittlemissxXToroXx: hi jason
===   Greeneyes FE2 F... WELCOMES DV8Jas0n FM2RLG... TO THE COUNTRY SIDE.
PatsyGirl: hi jason
LittlemissxXToroXx: oh wow
*****  DV8Jas0n FM2RLG... has entered the lounge! *****
PatsyGirl: the machines kept shutting down lol..too many credit card users
PatsyGirl: have fun tomorrow john lol
PatsyGirl: omg it was ok til we got to the register then all hell broke loose
Greeneyes FE2 F...: yvw
PatsyGirl: ty sis
LittlemissxXToroXx: i bet glad i didnt have to go
PatsyGirl: crazyyyyyyy lol
Greeneyes FE2 F...: wb
LittlemissxXToroXx: i bet you are how were the crowds?
PatsyGirl: had to put my stuff away and make fresh coffee,,,,and im here lol
PatsyGirl: i just got home from shopping and im whipped lol,,,so tired
Sassy51fuengage...: i have a rash all over my stomach
PatsyGirl: lol
Sassy51fuengage...: oh hell here we go
Sassy51fuengage...: i was cutting grass yesterday and a black bug bit me now i hve a nhey tommy
LittlemissxXToroXx: patsyyy
Greeneyes FE2 F...: Sista
TRIPS: good baby girl
PatsyGirl: plowwwwwww
PatsyGirl: hey john hru


The owner is the Boss he has the finel say..#1..No Drama..#2..No Link Dropping..#3..No Promoting other Lounges..#4..No Talking of Religion;Politic or Gun Laws..#5..If you Have an Issue Talk to a STAFF..#6..Respect ALL Staff & Members..#7..Must Have a Profile Pic..#8..No NUDITY at ALL..#9..No Bashing the DJ.s style of Tunes you have a right to Request what u want to hear..#10..No Bashing the Game Host..#11..No Attitude. Please leave this at the Door..First Infraction Ejected....Secound Infraction BANNED....(Simple)!!

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