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name:Country Side NSFW - Live DJ. Trivia Game Saturday Nights 9:00 EST. Hiring Staff.
created at:2016-10-08 21:01:06
created by:Plowboy 11
Southern belle ...: Back to me seat lol
HomeWrecker: lol
Southern belle ...: Know you feel this time lol
===   Southern belle ... SNEAKS UP BEHIND HomeWreckerAND PINCHES HomeWrecker's AZZ
===   Southern belle ... gives HomeWrecker a hug
HomeWrecker: howdy
Your Knight in ...: hi Home
HomeWrecker: ty hun
HomeWrecker: missyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
*****  Racegal73 has left the lounge! *****
Southern belle ...: Wb hun
LittlemissxXToroXx: lmao
HomeWrecker: mines bigger
LittlemissxXToroXx: homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
HomeWrecker: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Your Knight in ...: wb
LittlemissxXToroXx: wb'
Southern belle ...: Bk
Your Knight in ...: hb
LittlemissxXToroXx: hb
Southern belle ...: Brb
LittlemissxXToroXx: hey that hurts
===   TYR Tasers LittlemissxXToroXx In The Ass, Now BEHAVE!!!!
Southern belle ...: Set and watches lol
Your Knight in ...: lol
LittlemissxXToroXx: you better lick it off
===   Your Knight in ... THROWS PIE IN LittlemissxXToroXx's FACE AND SAYS HERE EAT THIS
LittlemissxXToroXx: home is wrong im no perv maybe a flirt but not a perv
===   Your Knight in ... Walk over to LittlemissxXToroXx hands them a long stem Rose and tells them how Sweet and Nice they are.
TYR: yeah ok uh huh
Southern belle ...: You perv number 2 i number 1 lol home said
LittlemissxXToroXx: I am
===   Your Knight in ... Walk over to Southern belle ... hands them a long stem Rose and tells them how Sweet and Nice they are.
TYR: suuure ya are LM riiiight
===   LittlemissxXToroXx Hit's Your Knight in ... with a ICE Cold Water Balloon and Holler's got you !!!!
Your Knight in ...: smirks
Southern belle ...: Yep im used to you doing that as well lol
LittlemissxXToroXx: im always good im the in here
Your Knight in ...: lol
Your Knight in ...: ol
===   Your Knight in ... TAKES Southern belle ... OVER THE KNEE AND SPANKS Southern belle ... AZZ
Southern belle ...: Your used to me just taking he he he loll now i be good
Your Knight in ...: huge hugs hun
===   Southern belle ... SNEAKS UP BEHIND Your Knight in ...AND PINCHES Your Knight in ...'s AZZ
===   Your Knight in ... gives Southern belle ... a hug
LittlemissxXToroXx: i eat healthu till junk food looks at me
===   Southern belle ... gives Your Knight in ... a hug
TYR: well i started eating healthy 5 years ago never looked back
Southern belle ...: Nigjt bell have a hug plz
LittlemissxXToroXx: wish i could
Southern belle ...: Got hard hreaded son lol
TYR: i gave it up
Southern belle ...: Wished my cook would tyr lol
LittlemissxXToroXx: oh i like my junk food too
Southern belle ...: It will be ok lol
TYR: tend
TYR: i end too steer away from the junk food
Your Knight in ...: hat you've had a bad day
LittlemissxXToroXx: i love my veggis
Southern belle ...: Sorry for what it ok i live
TYR: Im having broild chicken and steamed vegies
Your Knight in ...: that sounds better
Southern belle ...: Babe sounds good
Your Knight in ...: awww im sorry Belle
TYR: LOL@taters american slang is the best lol
TYR: strikes
LittlemissxXToroXx: sounds good but in reality im having ribs, fried taters and a veggi
TYR: a perfect at that looks out for lightning strakes
LittlemissxXToroXx: wb rg
*****  gofasterstang96 has left the lounge! *****
Your Knight in ...: hmmm how about Lasagna
*****  Racegal73 has entered the lounge! *****
LittlemissxXToroXx: not
LittlemissxXToroXx: cough cough
TYR: Me tooo 9a)
Your Knight in ...: im totally innocent Belle
Southern belle ...: I have had a bad day
Your Knight in ...: lol
LittlemissxXToroXx: what are you makin me for dinner tonight?
LittlemissxXToroXx: knight your too quiet today
Southern belle ...: Night hun innocent your not
Your Knight in ...: hi Go
TYR: LM sb at your convienience
gofasterstang96: belleeeee
Southern belle ...: Hi go oops
gofasterstang96: heyyyyyyy yooooooooo
TYR: lol
Southern belle ...: Ho go
Southern belle ...: That good happy but i dont got to watch man have a heart
gofasterstang96: missyyyyy
LittlemissxXToroXx: goooooooooooooo
TYR: mobile sorry
LittlemissxXToroXx: im dressed im in a t shirt and shorts
*****  gofasterstang96 has entered the lounge! *****
TYR: starved**
Your Knight in ...: looks around innocently
TYR: im just a sex stared computer nerd
LittlemissxXToroXx: but mama belle i do feel somewhat better now
TYR: not me
OWNER- Co.Owner- Manager- Head Enforcer- Head Greeter



Home Wrecker Southern Belle
DJ Manager- DJ.S - TriviaHost- Enforcer- Greeter
DJ.Kat PlowBoy11

The owner is the Boss he has the finel say..#1..No Drama..#2..No Link Dropping..#3..No Promoting other Lounges..#4..No Talking of Religion;Politic or Gun Laws..#5..If you Have an Issue Talk to a STAFF..#6..Respect ALL Staff & Members..#7..Must Have a Profile Pic..#8..No NUDITY at ALL..#9..No Bashing the DJ.s style of Tunes you have a right to Request what u want to hear..#10..No Bashing the Game Host..#11..No Attitude. Please leave this at the Door..First Infraction Ejected....Secound Infraction BANNED....(Simple)!!

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