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Isle Girl's blog: "looks?"

created on 04/24/2008  |  http://fubar.com/looks/b210043
So.... as my friends know I have been playing around with my default lately. A lot of people post pics that are not themselves.... Anyway, since I started doing it I have noticed that I get lots of downrates. Of course I could care less. It is interesting that before when I would scroll my bartab would go nuts but now... hardly any hits. I just got back from doing the soccer mom thing and noticed that I had a profile comment. It said: April 24, 2008 @ 4:32 pm What the hell is wrong with your face!? The same guy had left me a sb. Well... me being me I just had to respond. I copied and pasted it for you so you can read it from top to bottom (I'm nice like that). I have to say I am kind of amazed that someone would take so much time out of their day to tell someone they are ugly. Kevin: What is wrong with your face? ->Kevin: I am letting my true beauty show Kevin: It's not showing up too well... ->Kevin: awwwww you are going to hurt my e-feelings Kevin: There is no such thing as e-feelings. ->Kevin: I may have to cry myself to sleep tonight Kevin: Won't be anything new to you. ->Kevin: you don't think so? hmmmm Kevin: It looks like a clown bitch slapped you over and over ->Kevin: oh no! I am so sad now ->Kevin: why bother coming to my page and leaving a comment and saying something in my sb? Kevin: It always looks like your sad...and angry and happy all at the same time. Kevin: To start trouble. ->Kevin: you feel that way about all my pics? Kevin: lol ->Kevin: I'm not sure how one can show all those facial exprssions at the same time ->Kevin: why are you laughing? Kevin: Okay so you are not as ugly as your Alter-Ego picture... but you are not exactly a cougar. ->Kevin: and not trying to be ->Kevin: so... don't guess I'll be crying myself to sleep afterall
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