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Nacho Average's blog: "Stories"

created on 07/14/2010  |  http://fubar.com/stories/b334367

"Well, your parents sound very supportive.  Mine were alright. Mom taught me how not to feel sorry for myself. I made the mistake of telling her how no longer had the desire to live and mom grabbed me by the throat and pushed me up against the wall and said 'Look, you want to end your life? I'll do it right now. Do you want me to do it? I will. I'm your mom and I love you but I'll end your life if you want me to' you can see what my answer was. And dad? well, let me just say his best fatherly advice I can remember him giving me was 'Son, they are all pink on the inside' when it came to dating advice. They taught me in a round-about way. They were old school and I don't regret having them as parents. Hey...I'm low on my drink. Let's head back." Thinking I painted my parents in negative way, I decided to change the subject.

"So, have you stayed in Anchorage the whole time you been here?"

"Sadly, yes I have. Busy starting the business and such. Settling in apartment and such."

"Well, I can't have that. Have you been to Point Worozof? On rare days, you can catch a great sunset. When it isn't overcast."

"Yea, I noticed it's cloudy here constantly. I don't mind it at all. Great change from it being sunny year round."

Reaching the limo, I open the door for Siren and follow her in "Look alive, James. We're back."

*whew* "I was getting worried there for a bit. I thought I'd have to call the National Guard for SAR operation." he replies. "It was touch & go at first. We almost didn't make it. Good thing I could braid a rope out of my back hair or else we'd have never made it off that island."

"Good thing too or else I would have burned all the rum." she chimes in.

"Well, fair lady. Where is your abode, tell James and we'll give you a ride home. It is late and I need my beauty sleep." I tell her. "What? you're not going to seduce me? I'm hurt."

"Don't get me wrong, for I have ravaged you many times tonight in my mind. I have thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and I am doing my best to leave my playboy days behind me."

"If you weren't being such a gentleman, I'd let you take advantage of me. For underneath this angel exterior lays a succubus with insatiable hunger." she replies playfully. Derek pulls out of the parking lot and starts driving down the mountain. Reaching the bottom of Gravity Hill, Derek knows what to do. The limo comes to complete stop and Derek puts it into neutral and slowly we climb the hill. Slow going but exciting anways. "Wow, this is too cool, thanks for sharing Aloysius." Several hillside residents pull up behind us and start honking their horns. Crested the hill, Derek puts in gear and he begins to drive her home.

"Here is my cell phone number, call me any time. We'll go view the sunset or drive to Thunderbird Falls or try to see some beluga whales in Turnagain Arm." I tell her as I hand her my business card. *Patrick R. Jones. Consultant 907-867-5309*

"Oh my, it has been a while since I met man like you. I am overwhelmed."

"Well, this is me refined. Usually I'm not this dashing. Actually, I am tired of asking for phone numbers, as I usually get the Movie Fone or some other phone answering service. If figure it's her choice to make the next move."

"Well Aloysius, you sound too good to be true. I just might throw your number away or not call you for weeks making you wait by the phone for me."

"Then the wait will be sweet torture. You do know how to entice me so." I wink. Derek pulls up to her apartment building. I walk her to the door and kiss her goodnight. "Until we meet again."

Walking back to limo, opening the door myself "Again James, thanks for getting the door."

"No problem boss, glad to be of service. What? did you strike out again?"

"Hardly, I'm taking this chase slowly." I inform Derek as he drives off to take me home.



That was 10 years ago and I'm missing you daily darling. I cherish our time together as short as it was. Even though we never married, I am glad we shared our lives together.

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