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created on 07/14/2007  |
how you ever felt victimized? by anything i.e. life, gas prices, your boss/job anything?... july 6th of 2007 i went into work just like i do every fuckin day for the last 6 years only to be pulled to the side by my boss who promptly told me that i no longer worked there.this came as quite a shock to me even after 6 years of us bumping heads. i asked him why he felt that he had to let me go and in a somewhat simple but yet complex response he went into detail of how the corporation was looking to downsize their employee status and that i would be one that would be "relived" of my position.... and yet three days later i realized that my positin had been given to some fuckin middle eastern non-english speaking has 12 kids and cantafford to sleep at night fuckin towel head. now i am not a racisit or a bigget but i just think that sending american jobs to people overseas just cause they will work for cheaper is a violent and non requisable solution... boy i felt victimized...
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