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I have a little scecret... Most people don't know.... But for the ones that do, They don't talk about it... They leve it unmentioned... So I won't have to talk... ~~~~ For the people that see me every day... And always think I'm ok... cuz I put up a front... I smile and say "hi".... I talk and I walk... But sometims you'll notice... Sometimes even on hot days.. I'll be wearing long sleves... Now I don't... ~and~ Never do want you too think.. """Oh she just wants attion, That's why she dose it, Thats why she cuts.." AND """"NO"""" IM NOT SUICIDEL SO DONT WORRIE I will tell you stright up, I don't do it to die, All my docters know that,, I do it to well.............. Thats hard to explane ... But if u really want to no me.. My secret run deeper than many no.. ~~AND~~ "please I beg you dont go freak out i dont do it evey day i just finly sat down and wrote it the way i want it..... will keep going...I'll keep adding...
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