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Ok a whole lot.


In no particular order, I might just hate you right now, if:


You're a constant complainer/whinger/bitcher/moaner...y'know...there's expressing occasional frustration at something, and then there is constant and almost unceasing complaining and pissing and moaning. If you don't like something, change it, or change your attitude towards it. When that something is a website - log the fuck off the internet and do something else. Or if you can't bring yourself to do that, find another fucking website! If you can't bring yourself to do that even, then all you're whinging about is your own inability to change any damn thing in your sad life. Shut the FUCK up already, it's BORING.


You're one of the 'tsk tsk' brigade...you've perfected the art of humming and hawing in disapproval at shit, but you haven't yet managed the requisite pair to do anything about it. You're the type that would watch a person getting ready to jump off a cliff and you'd say 'someone really ought to call the police about that'...and THEN you'd bloody well hum and haw about the suicide rate. And complain about the police response times.


You like to interpret whatever I say, or do, in the worst possible way. No matter how many times I've shown your interpretations to be wrong...y'know what, not liking me is just fucking fine (some would say it's even sane) but don't pretend to like me and constantly think the worst - what kind of fucking nutcase are you?


You think you deserve something from me. You fucking don't. You particularly don't if you think you can manipulate, bitch or suck up to 'deserve' it. I do what I want, when I want and yes, I blinged whomever the fuck I wanted to. I don't anymore, because of manipulative, whinging, fuckarse cunts like you. Congratulations. You'll get courtesy IF I don't see you as having lost that right by dint of your actions. Beyond that, everything else is up to me you fucking needy arseholes.


You think that you can say anything, up to and including 'I wanna kill you, rape your babies and shit on your mother' just so long as you put "Just sayin'" after it...or, "it's just the internet". Fucksake, if you haven't got the requisite pair to own a statement, or you need some kind of justification for your actions...well just fuck off.


You're a two-faced or hypocritical gobshite. Seriously. If you don't like something, it's possibly best if you don't do exactly the same fucking thing yourself. It's also just sad to pretend - why do you feel the need? You're far away from your consequences on here - do something radical and be honest.


You're selfcentred to the point that you literally cannot see anything but your own shit because your head is so very firmly embedded up your own rectum. You're just not that important, special or interesting.


I think I've missed a few points, but I really don't give a fuck.

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