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The positive aspect of life...

Too much negativity in the last few posts. Why? Well, thats the honest truth of the world. However, there is more to life than just all that depressing junk... Otherwise, everyone would be killing themselves on a daily basis... Well, they do, but there would be more of them haha.

So first off. How do we actually enjoy life? Easy. Have fun with yourself! Now, before you peeps get too excited, I'm talking about accepting yourself and enjoying yourself. Have an absolute blast with yourself! Once you can have a great time with you and ONLY you and not have a thought about anyone or anything else in the world, you will have succeeded. Once you get to this point, you get this magical aura that others see that naturally attracts them to you... to the point where they want to be with you, hang with you, society just wants you. Its all natural and no try-hard on your part. This is what peeps mean when they say "be yourself." Being yourself is being able to have fun with yourself and only you. This, in turn, draws others into your life because everyone wants to be able to achieve this point in life. The acceptance of self. Anyone depressed, sad, mad, etc. does not accept themself for who they are. They think they did something wrong, aren't good enough, or whatever. The point is, get to the point where you "got it." Once you "get it," you'll be able to have fun with yourself and anyone else that who so decides to join in your circle of life.

Thus, what I am getting at here is just get along with yourself. No one else will be there for you in life always so get to know yourself a bit better. Make yourself yours. I just made myself mine the other day. If you can't get to know and have fun with yourself, how do you expect others to do so? Think about it. It's actually a bit like budahism and the whole enlightenment factor. Accept what you have, want nothing, and be perfectly happy with whatever life brings you. Few reach to this point because of the greed of the world we live in, but if you ever get to this point, you will know and feel like no other.

Attaching feelings to other people is just going to break you. Once it does, other people are going to see you as crazy. Is it worth it? You can be judge of that, it's your life, your feelings, and your emotions. Attachment does increase feelings and strengthens emotions in yourself that you have for another, but once that trust, that bond breaks, the after feelings of sadness, despair, anguish, pain, and misery are also heightened as well. The more you care about someone, the more love you have for them while your with them, and the more hurt you experience when your not with them anymore.

So here's the question you must answer for yourself. Do you want to live life with love with a guranteed heartbreak because you know it's going to happen OR would you rather just live a life without love at all without getting your heart broken? Tough, isn't it? Everyone seems to want love even if it is temporary and they know it's going to be end eventually. Very tough, indeed. 

This is why we must accept ourselves. When everyone else abandons us, at least we still have ourselves. We're stuck with ourselves forever. Thus, pay attention to YOUR life. YOUR life will be forever with YOU. Thus, YOU are the most important so don't let anyone tell you different. Improve your life, improve yourself, improve your future. All other good things will happen once you start helping yourself rather than trying to help others all the time.  

It's all on you. What are you going to do?

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