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created on 12/16/2006  |
I have been gone for the past week on a mini vaca with my family. Its good to be back. I really needed a break from all the bullshit in my life. It seems like I missed a lot on here, though... Thats ok. I'll catch up. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know I'm back. I'll have some new pics on here soon! YAY! :)
Christmas wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be this year. I was at a party until 3am and had to get up at 8am to go to my parents. I got tons of stuff. It was awesome! Then, I went to another Christmas party tonight and I just now got home... I am completely worn out! I am SO ready for bed, but I wanna take my tree and decorations down first. I have been going non-stop and it's just gonna get worse. This weekend there's gonna be a big party at my house thats going on the whole entire weekend. A lot of drinking, laughs, and fun. I'm excited, but I need to really rest up before then!
I have been getting a lot of new friends lately, and its been great! But, there's a few who are being, well, sick. I'm not on here to meet people who wanna look at my goodies. And I'm not gonna show some random dude how I look on webcam. Thats not what I'm about. I like nice guys (yeah, you know who you are....) I wish there were more guys like u out there! :)
I am usually a pretty level-headed person.... But, for some reason, I tend to go completely crazy around the holidays. I pull all-nighters, I'm edgy, I'm anxious.... It sucks! I feel like I'm losing my mind. I am going to my parents for the weekend, and just thinking of seeing all of my family, dealing with my drunk uncle and my annoying cousin, well, I'm definitely not looking forward to it. I am so sick of wrapping presents and baking. I just want the new year to come already! I know that sounds horrible, but its been a really hard year for me. I'm looking forward to a fresh start next year.
I have met some awesome people on here! This has been great. Everyone has been so nice to me. I'm still kinda confused about stuff on here, but I'm slowly starting to get it. I love it!
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