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created on 03/28/2010  |  http://fubar.com/life/b330833

life is a game...u have to make the right moves to move forward...but at times things happen just outta the blue with no notice...as if we are being tested...some say god gives u what u can only handle...do people say this just to try to make the other person feel better?...why is it when someone dies and we all hear the same thing...Im sorry for your loss and i send my deepest condolences, we dont ask to be born or even get to choose the family we get born into...we are born-yet we live to die...think about it really...once we are born its like the clock starts...we all just have to make the best choices and enjoy our friends and family while we have a chance...celebrate the relationships that you have at this very moment...doesnt make sense to hold grudges with the people you truly love and care for...life is a party waiting for the gifts of  friendship,marriage,children,brothers, sisters, nanas and papas and everything inbetween...there might just be one person in your life that needs a simple gift...and it doesnt cost much:)
~Lorelei xoxoxo~

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