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Gizmo's blog: "Ramblings"

created on 01/14/2009  |  http://fubar.com/ramblings/b271726


This road that winds through life Leads in all directions Only way leads to happiness The others lead to disaster Finding the right path to take Debating, searching We seek answers along the way Never knowing right from wrong Til the day ends and we stand alone Rambling down the path That leads us to destruction Knowing we should of taken one of the others Too late to turn back now We go our separate ways Losing sight further and further you go Away from me, stolen heart in hand Heartless, no fears left Seeking destructive beings Delighting in evil minds I roam, followed by many Who search for answers I know not the questions My evil heart decides Whom to trust Whom to deceive Deceptive ways are my life Leading away from light No more lives I will take No more hate I will breed Twisting, stabbing my own heart Instead of that of the one I loved Tossing it to the Beast That arises with the moon Through the air he flies Sweeping low to take me away On his back I command The direction to take To find a new love Maybe a new heart as well Riding this Dragon Rambles is his name Twisting ideas of all who see A new heart awaits On the other side of this land In her hands she holds The salvation that I need Will she offer Or will she reject My pleas of mercy For all my ways More wrong than right She has no answer Afraid of what I've become Can I change To set her mind at ease Her eyes burn my soul Her smile lights my eyes My mouth smiles The first in years Silver light of moon Crashing of the waves Glittering in her eyes Like the diamonds above Holding out my hand She rejects without haste Tossing my heart aside She flees in fright Scared of a love That may never be Scared of a love That should not breathe Ramblings of life So much too late Too late for me But never for you.
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