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created on 02/11/2008  |  http://fubar.com/life/b187236
Noone ever said life was going to be so hard sometimes i wish there was a whay that you could be warnd by more then just your parents b/c all they ever tell you is not to do it they been there they know hen they tell you if you wont to do something come to us but then if you do they say no no thats not possible parents are someone that are suost to trust you, you would think that when something come up that has been said for excample you are on drugs but no insted they belive your sicottic ex-feoncia who never really gave you your own space wonted to be attached at the hip but gets mad when you wont to go see your friends then the other part of the family gets inalved because you have a dad that likes to go run and tell your grandmother everything and they belive anything that she is told y your dad and in the end you lose the one thing that is supposed to mean the most to them you lose the respect for them that they have told you, you were supposed to have for them What about the respect they are supposed to have for you comming to you when they here there is something going on they are supposed to belive you expecialy when you havent givving them any reason not to belive you... I have had one thing happen right after the other this pased couple of weeks i know that they bad things happen for a reason but why do they half to have to happen all at once i hope that things get better soon something good has to come out of all the bad you can only have so much bad befor you lose it and i am not sure how much more i can take before i lose it i whish that my hopes and dreames would all come together i have worked so hard for wha i got i dont wont to lose it now
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