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created on 07/09/2007  |
I have to confess that I like to watch that reality show where an unsuspecting person has been nominated by friends and family for a wardrobe makeover. All of the subject's clothes are discussed and shown why they aren't flattering for the person, and then they are thrown in the trash. Then the person is given some new guidelines for clothing that will flatter their body type and has two days to shop for new clothes. And of course a new haircut and makeup are thrown in, too. But what really makes the show interesting to me is that, without fail, each person describes how it has been a transforming experience, really going beyond just acquiring new clothes. They have come to look at themselves in a new light, and to recognize their good points and how to take advantage of them. And they acquire a better sense of self-worth and self-respect. I think we could all do with a "makeover" every once in while, as a reminder of our good points and qualities that others see in us but that we might not be aware of or value properly. Why not trade doing makeovers with a friend or loved one? Instead of clothing tips, make a list of all of the other person's good qualities -- physical, emotional, and mental – and have them do the same for you. You could be surprised – and pleased – when you receive your new "makeover."
I don't mean the price of gas, though heaven knows that's bad enough. I'm talking about your personal energy, physical and emotional. Just as cars run on fuel, so too our bodies convert the food we eat into "fuel" -- energy. We may not often think of food this way, but it's true. Our bodies can't operate properly if the fuel that goes in is poor quality or doesn't have sufficient nutrients. And this poor quality food can in turn affect our moods, or our emotional energy. I know I've had the experience of grabbing some coffee and maybe a doughnut as I dashed out the door, and then found myself feeling "wired" and irritable awhile later. And these negative emotions likewise drain our physical energy. I ran across a fascinating bit of research that noted that one five-minute uncontrolled outburst of anger can burn up as much energy as an average person would use in eight hours of work! It's like a vicious cycle, low physical energy can contribute to negative emotions, and negative emotions can leave us feeling exhausted and tired. Our minds, emotions, and bodies are all one amazing operating unit. So be sure to treat yourself well Fuel up on wholesome foods and positive thoughts, and you'll be able to run limitless "miles per gallon."
Actually, we all need some "space," some time to ourselves and some place to recharge our batteries and renew our spirit. In ancient times, such places were considered sacred and were often found in nature – a grove, a hill or valley, or a mountain. But you don't necessarily need to be outdoors to have a sacred space. You can create a sacred space right in your own home. It doesn't matter how small your living quarters are, even a corner of a room can do nicely. A sacred space is an area where you can sit and meditate, contemplate, or let your mind wander and relax, ponder, and dream. You can place a small table or a shelf in a corner on which you arrange images or photos or a pieces of artwork that hold meaning for you. Bring in nature with perhaps some flowers or a small plant, or seashells, or perhaps a crystal. Lighting a candle or some incense, or an essential oil diffuser can add to the atmosphere of serenity. Place a comfortable chair there. A wind chime or some bells, or perhaps a CD of soothing music can also set the scene. Joseph Campbell, the famous author who wrote about myths and incorporating them into our lives, knew the importance of a need for a sacred space. He said, "If you have a sacred space and take advantage of it and use it every day, something will happen… Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again."
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