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Been awhile since done one of these things.  Doubt if many will read it..but in case you want to know whats been

up with me..here gos.  I been working alot lately..so not been on much.  When not been working..i been doing

housework..and watching boy at wrestling.  I havn't been on much due to all this and fact sometimes being

on here just kinda gets me down at times.  I have had alot going on in my life this past few months..but will

not go into details..but it has led me to  having to pick up extra work.  I have had a verbal warning last week at

work also..which has bothered me alot..so I have been down.  I feel like I work with backstabbers alot at times.

Anyways..I have been on last few days trying to level.  It has been great chatting to old friends again..but I

am done with drama.  I had a so called friend who has showed there trueside.  It hurts alot when you think you

have a good friend and they do this.  I ended up having to block them..which if anyone knows me is hard for

me to do.  I am the forgiving type.  He was like dealing with someone with multiple personalities..and it seemed

like he was always the one who was right and I was always wrong.  I am no angel.. I did start some of it..but

the extreme they went to was just out there.  I was called user..etc.  I was threatened even.

Anyways.. I am not here to fight.  I just want to have fun and try to get away from some of the stress in my

real life.  If this happens again on here with anyone else..i will probably just leave for good.

On a better note.. I have some awesome family on here!

I want to thank my fuhubby for all the love he gives..and for helping me out all the time. You are the best.!

Thank you to Mcwhammy.. for helping me out..buying me a godmode..and lovin on me..

Thank you to sw29..for showin love daily even when I am not here to show it all time!

Thank you to rest of my family who shows love.. even though we dont talk much its still nice to show love here and there.

 Thank you to all the people who liked me for my 2500 likes/ and for all the love during my godmode.

Luv ya all!

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