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So..heres a blog about me again. Its been awhile. I am mainly posting this for those who

have wondered where I have been or why I am not on here as much as I use to be. Well

Back in July when I got a bunch of lab work done..I was told that I was borderline diabetic.

My dad just fund out 2 yrs ago that he is..and I know it runs in the family but I have made

up my mind that I am not going to get it at this age if I can help it.  So..I started dieting.

In september I decided to join curves.  In the past I have never actually exercised when I

dieted.  This is the first time I have..and to tell you the truth..its true what they say. The more

yu exercise the better you feel. Since then I have lost 38lbs and am just 13lbs overweight now.

I have had more lab work done for a wellness program at work. I just got the results back this

week. My bloodsurger and cholesterol and all is outstanding! :D  It was a big relief not to see

my A1c level normal (thats the test to test how your body is with surgar in past month or so)

Anyways..I have came to the conclusion my health and real life must come before being on here.

Besides doing that..I have been working more..and doing stuff around the house.

That is about it with that. I still have things on my mind..just not that as much.  For instance..

there was a boy in my oldest sons class who comitted suicide this week. He was 13.  It is so hard

to imagine my boy not being my baby anymore..  but to imagine a kid at his age doing this?

It all had to do with being bullied alot in school to.. so the rumor is saying anyways.  My oldest has

ADD and he tends at sometimes not to be as mature as some his own age..so again..its hard to imagine.

I have had a talk with him lastnight though over fact of if he ever feels that bad in life..to come to us before

doing something dangerous.  He said he would never do anything nuts like that.hopefully he will keep

that in mind.  He gets bullied alot in school also..due to his ADD and all.  I asked him how it made him

feel and he said sad.  I know what hes going through.. I had been down that road once also..but luckily

only had a couple who picked on me.  I told him that I know its rough..but in 6 more years..school wlil be done

and you will look ahead..and never look back much. Anyways.. it does seem to bother me that schools

still let this crap go on.  I guess they are all talk anymre..because in one of the orientations to the school

and all the princiapal highly made it clear that they do not tolerate bullying.

Anyways.. as I say..theres alot that gos on in my life and mind.

Just wanted to let some knw why I have not been on much.

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