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Kalus Konkwest's blog: "liek wh0a?"

created on 06/11/2010  |  http://fubar.com/liek-wh0a/b333350

The Official Rock the FU Games Christmas Contest on Fubar.com!!

Win one of four (4) Sony PlayStation 4s being given away as part of this social media contest! 

Entrants must use ONLY this link to enter: Sign Up Now!

There are four (4) Sony Playstation 4 game consoles being given away as part of this contest and three (3) different ways to win.

  • Two (2) PS4 consoles will be given away as part of a Viral Recruiting Contest
  • One (1) PS4 console will be given away to the player with the highest FuMafia level
  • One (1) PS4 console will be given away to the player with the highest FuMafia hitlist price 

Official Rules: 

  • All entrants must be new Fubar.com accounts, current members will not be considered valid entries!
  • All players must join Fubar.com as a mercenary in FuMafia, using the referral link above
  • All players must be level 5 or higher to qualify for any prize
  • All players must have a primary photo, whether of themselves or something else
  • All players must have a unique IP Address or internet connection 
  • All players must join the Official Contest Turf¹ (here) with primary/merc character² 
  • Viral Rule: To win the Viral Prize, you must have a valid Fubar Salute 
  • Viral Rule: To win the Viral Prize, you must create your own Turf in FuMafia 
  • Viral Rule: To win the Viral Prize, all referred players must join your Turf

¹ -- This is where updates, rules changes and contest news will be announced

² -- Exception: those wishing to join the Viral Contest, who can put an alternate character in the Official Turf instead

Official Contest Times:

  • begins Saturday November 16th 2013 at 12:01AM Pacific Time
  • ends Saturday December 21st 2013 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time

Entries before or after these dates and times will not be considered for winners!

Participation on the social network portion of Fubar.com is not required to win, but may be beneficial!

-=- Contest URL -=- Contest Rules -=- Contest Turf -=-

♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: happy hunting then  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: i dont need luck  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: good luck  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: over a game  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: i will make u cry  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: get busy  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: why wait?  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: u will know when i start fucking with u  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: right now im just getting inside ur mind  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: then stop crying about it  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: try harder  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: and all ur doing is wasting ur cash and giving me pnts from lvl  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: like the rest of the bitches on here do  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: for now all you're doing is flapping your gums  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: i will, so we'll see  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: in fact u might even start to hate me  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: keep fucking with me and u wont like me at all  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: i'm not trying to :]  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: so u dont scare me at all  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: about a year ago before i got deleted  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: i fought tac by myself for 2 weeks  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: lol  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: i take on turfs like tac solo for fun. i'm not scared of one little 3 player bitch.  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: fuck tard  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: ur mouth is writting checks ur ass cant cash  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: before u go running ur god damn pie hole  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: u need to know more about who u and ur pet cross eyed bitch fuck with  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: idiot  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: i have 40 of them. get one all you like.  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: right now im killing ur suck ass players with a fucking baton  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: u better hope i dont get one  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: i dont have a prod stupid fuck  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: and i will be here after u leave  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: you prod one of my toons and you think you're fucking with me? heh. thanks for the debt.  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: i was here before u  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: im still here  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: do it  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: u fucking little pussy bitch  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: all this typing you're doing is pointless. i'm gonna fuck you up with or without it.  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: i want u to make me stop fucking with u  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: make me  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: and they'll continue to be, because you don't know how to close your cockholster  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: been lvl by 6 peeps that use 30 players and revived my players  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: i got 3 players that have been listed 24/7  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: u wish u had my balls  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: not for a worm like you.  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: i shit on piss turfs like this just for laughs  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: roffle. they might jump in for shits and giggles. i won't ask though.  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: in fact if i was yu i would start on that right now  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: u better run to ur other turfs for help  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: why? i don't need more  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: chump  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: i will make u buy more players and bling packs  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: except keep you dead  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: can do to stop me  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: and there wonrt be a damn thing ur blinging spending money on a game ass  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: cool, do it  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: that means a lot of money i can take from u  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: thats good  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: i can list all of yours 5 times a day and still make money. just with this player.  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: then we shall see who the real bully is  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: Cash: $182B Cash flow: $2.24B  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: forever  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: and when i get to lvl 20 with a certain player i have i will milk u  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: like most pussys do  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: i want u to waste ur cash listing  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: yup  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: no i will see just how bad ass u are  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: do it  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: bet i can make u hurry  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: i'm not in any hurry. i've got months and months to keep you dead. :]  -  del
{SNO} HELL RIDER: well u better start doing it instead of running ur pie hole  -  del
☣ Шrath ☣ [SIN]: since i'm an idiot and you're so much better than me and all  -  del
☣ Шrath ☣ [SIN]: i think i'll fuck your merc toon up with my merc toon for shits and giggles  -  del
☪өяʀʊρтɪөи: people that fail always don't care  -  del
☪өяʀʊρтɪөи: but i'm sure you don't care about that, it's just a bunch of numbers right?  -  del
☪өяʀʊρтɪөи: that's what will be getting raped.  -  del
☪өяʀʊρтɪөи: i mean your win/loss percentage on all your toons. :]  -  del
HELL RIDER: my little suck puppet bitch  -  del
HELL RIDER: cya around  -  del
HELL RIDER: lol  -  del
HELL RIDER:   -  del
HELL RIDER: now u want to rape me?  -  del
HELL RIDER: lol  -  del
HELL RIDER: im talking about making ur pussy ass cry to ur cross eyed bitch  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: i make $1 trillion in two days. the only thing you'll do is die your way to level 200 where i'll be waiting to rape you.  -  del
HELL RIDER: no im not talking fucking candy bars either fruit loop  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: *snickers*  -  del
HELL RIDER: the only thing im going to fucking give u is nightmares  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: sure give me wins  -  del
HELL RIDER: good more players to fuck with  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: play however you want  -  del
♞ Ҡ๏иκฟεƨŦ ♞: Players allowed on this account: 50  -  del
HELL RIDER: bitch  -  del
HELL RIDER: i will make u get all mad  -  del
HELL RIDER: or fair  -  del
HELL RIDER: i dont play nice  -  del
HELL RIDER: either way u better find some other one to try and fuck with  -  del
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