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Emanon Eranatos's blog: "RANDOM STUFF!!"

created on 10/18/2006  |  http://fubar.com/random-stuff/b15189  |  2 followers


One day while in the white house I walked in on this hot woman in the tub...

After she told Me to come over, we had sexual intercourse..which was amazing.

She did not judge Me for having a half inch penis, and even though she was clearly unsatisfied with the sex, she did not tell Me. Since we each swore to secrecy this act and said we would not tell any one about it... I never thought any more about it..

Years later, after I went on trial for starting a cult where our main goal was the decimation and domination of the human species, I saw this on the news during My trial testifying about My characteristics... in her statement she said..

Since we each swore never to speak of it, My lawyer said that I could take legal action against her for breach of a verbal contract, since what she said is true I can not also add a slander charge to My case.


So should I:

Kill her before she tells them about the two minute sex

Stab her in the throat so she cannot talk any more...wait... she can still write

Have the minions take her to the cave and anally rape her...


yes I am bored.. Woman make Me tits and ass salutes... or regular ones :P

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