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49 Year Old · Male · From Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, United Kingdom · fuMarried to: Miss MoneyPe... · Joined on August 26, 2010 · Relationship status: Engaged · Born on June 19th · 4 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!

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+++++++ More Music On The Interests Page +++++++ photo tumblr_nhtzz4zOXm1tjryj4o1_500_zpsv3uhqngg.gif

Hello and a warm welcome too my world of art and music, I'm from the West Midlands Birmingham England.
My name is Lenard.  photo tumblr_nfyt0fWamW1s2t3cto1_r1_500_zpsm6r9iba2.gif

 photo agaric_flying_dutchman_by_borda-d323dsb_zpse5f5f044.jpg

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 photo energija_by_ler_ac-d2nc12b_zps2f240a76.jpg

 photo tumblr_n0i224J8jG1s60oo7o1_500_zpscd3651cb.gif

Born in Paderborn, West Germany
Father serving Soldier in the British Army, passed away in 2008 and Mother German, passed away in 2012.
I am the oldest of 3, my youngest sister Mandy sadly passed away in 2010. My younger Brother Thomas lives down near London.
I work as a Health Care Assistant with Older Adult's in the Mental Health Field for the NHS. I been doing caring for a long time, was caring for my Mum until she passed away.
In my spare Time i like Music, especially the electronic, ambience and trance side. I also collect rare Music and i got a wide Range of old Vinyl Records.
For Sport i am a Football Fan ( as you call it soccer ) and i support my local Team Aston Villa in Birmingham UK. Also i like Rugby and Cricket.
I try to Read as well, mostly Fiction and Mental Health Books.

 photo textures_is_art_by_kleanthis-d2am5dv_zps46d143e5.jpg

 photo tumblr_m73nhuEAhA1rolqnro1_1280_zps422db570.gif

I have seen the world with these two eyes
A movie played inside my mind.
I have traveled the seas in half the time,
Without ever leaving home.
I have count the stars and made to ten
Lost track and had to start again.
People laughed but that"s how we make friends,
Without ever knowing their name.

 photo tumblr_mg88sbfgfU1rhot4ho1_500_zps9a0b84b5.gif

 photo f66528206c4e7fac2c90b95c63ed630f_zps1e289f2e.jpg

 photo colors_by_kleanthis-d340f63_zpsa92b80ee.jpg

 photo tumblr_lyn8bt49NE1qzt4vjo1_r1_500.gif

 photo sound_test_by_kleanthis-d5slp3x_zps37ee8131.jpg

 photo tumblr_mmgwnp0yEp1rwoj3eo1_400_zpsf22a7a62.gif

 photo hymn_by_kleanthis-d5d9kbp_zpsc862b354.jpg

 photo tumblr_lus8c4PqaW1qzt4vjo1_r3_500_zps892bdf1b.gif

 photo play_to_fly_by_kleanthis-d5wyze6_zpsc1d23600.jpg

 photo tumblr_md14fvBMa11qjj0p8o1_500_zpseb9de4f4.gif

 photo panorama_by_kleanthis-d4liq8o_zps3ea1f064.jpg

 photo tumblr_mcnkg8TXO01qjj0p8o1_500_zps4e39a873.gif

 photo dream_scraps_iv__by_ambrits-d2zqrhx_zps5384a23b.jpg

 photo tumblr_ltuoy7eQKU1qzt4vjo1_500.gif

 photo ebf83af320058db2f74e7f0fee1380a9-d4h6unz_zps7daada19.jpg

 photo tumblr_mxgsky52AS1r2geqjo1_500_zps85188f70.gif

49 Year Old · Male · From Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, United Kingdom · fuMarried to: Miss MoneyPe... · Joined on August 26, 2010 · Relationship status: Engaged · Born on June 19th · 4 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!

my favourite writes ******

Steven King

 photo tumblr_mk1pcsZLJM1qb2cp4o1_500_zps954aed9f.gif

 photo hell__s_bells_by_kleanthis-d1qczyw_zps17272883.jpg

 photo Monster2_zpsc0076d7d.jpg

concerts i been too****** photo tumblr_mkp3zxlWtK1qc0s10o1_r2_500_zpsfb265a3e.gif

jean michel jarre chronologie tour manchester city, london docklands, oxygene 2 nec birmingham,

paris la defense, 2009 indoor tour nia birmingham, 2010 world tour nia birmingham, 2011 world tour Dortmund Westfalenhalle Germany

tangerine dream london, birmingham .

kraftwerk birmingham, london.

orbital birmingham o2, Orbital 9th dec at 02 birmingham
carbon based lifeforms


Solar Fields

the orb birmingham,

coldplay birmingham nia, 2012 manchester

david gray birmingham nia, wolverhampton civic hall

richard ashcroft wolverhampton civic hall

madness birmingham o2,

plan b birmingham o2,


travis Birmingham nia, travis Birmingham o2 26/10/2013
Keane Birmingham supporting travis NIA Arena,

Stereophonics LG Arena Birmingham. 19/11/2013

Simple Minds NIA Arena Birmingham 28 11 2013

Depeche Mode LG Arena Birmingham 27/ 1 / 2014

 photo patakk1_zps866c8ab8.gif
 photo Aston_Villa_Wallpaper_by_pvblivs_zps2f70b5c1.jpg

Aston Villa Football Club.

Food i love ******** German

 photo 4C4P5FFG4WT0BIIF_zpsa9e1aee1.png
Video Games
 photo flowers_by_kleanthis-d1pz5xi_zpsbf2e8982.jpg

 photo angel_by_kleanthis-d1pgpne_zpsc765057d.jpg

 photo tumblr_mk3kkvZVVf1qb2cp4o1_500_zpsb81213e9.gif

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