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created on 10/26/2008  |  http://fubar.com/letters/b254864
Good Evening Ladies, I hope you all are doing well. We have had one of our members drop from the group causing a bit of a stir. So heres what were going to do. All of the rules about becoming a V.I.P.E.R. Girl (in the To Be a V.I.P.E.R. Girl blog) still stand. HOWEVER, We are including that every one of the new members will be under a 30 day probabtionary period. This way you, Todd, Scarlet, And Julie have 30 days to decide if you are right for the group. We want to keep the drama and conflicts down to a minimum. Thank you for your time.
Alright all my super sexy ladies...we need each of you to dress up for Halloween and take some super gorgeous pics for us to post...as always...full body shots preferred...pretty please...Hugz and luvz!!! Scarlet & Toad Ohhhhh...and if you wanna make them a salute to the VIPER girls that would be even better...
If you have problems with someone harrassing you, saying mean or negative things, making nasty comments or telling lies about you or any member of the group please ALWAYS be sure to get a screen shot of it and save it as jpg. so we can post it for all to see. A screen shot provides indisputable proof and can be done quite easily. If you do not know how to do this please get with Toad or Scarlet and they can teach you. This is also helpful for friends with tickers, blasts, scrolling or HH.
1) get with Scarlet on YIM and send her a full body pic for your tag. She will send you the clickable link to add to your profile while she is making your tag. 2) add the link she gives you to your about me or interests and if you want to, add VIPER girls to you name. 3) once she makes your tag and thumbnail for the main profile she will send you your tag to add to your pics (if you want the link for the clickable thumbnail now is the time to ask for it). Add the tag to your pictures. 4) get the link to the lounge VIPER Pit and go there and subscribe to the lounge. this is where all official VIPER girl meetings will be held. 5) all of the girls pics on the main profile are clickable and we encourage each of you to visit the other girls and rate/fan/add them and introduce yourselves. this way we all get to know each other. 6) we need to level as quick as possible so we can add more pics so if you can help out with promoting the page a little it would be appreciated but not mandatory. 7) if you run across others you feel may be suitable for a VIPER Girl please refer them. we are always looking for new members! 8) we are eventually going to try for a spotlight. we would like to figure out a way to get as many of us together as possible for a photoshoot before we do this. Toad and Scarlet will be purchasing a VIP soon for the group profile so we can add more pictures that way too. 9) it is vitally important that we all present the proper image. all NSFW pics should be set to family only unless professionally shot and of the artistically erotic nature. see Toad or Scarlet for guidelines and approval. always conduct yourself as a lady and remember you represent us as a group. 10) if there are issues always feel free to go to Toad or Scarlet and discuss it. the door is always open! if you cannot reach them try Jules or Magic they both have the cell number to get a hold of Toad and Scarlet and can reach us at any time.
I just wanted to let everyone know that the pictures on the main page of this profile are clickable and takes you right to that girl's personal fubar page...We did this so each girl can always find a sister when she needs to or so fans can go right to their favorite VIPER girl...Mine..Toad's and Kenny's are also clickable if you ever need one of us... Hugz Scarlet
You do not have to be a BBW to join VIPER girls. This is for ALL women who are proud of who they are and not afraid to show it. We want REAL women, ones who do not need or want every male eye on them. We do NOT accept anyone who sells them selves or has several folders of pictures of themselves in lingerie or swimsuits in disturbing poses. Self depreciating, demeaning or unethical attitudes on profiles is prohibited by our members. Slavery, submissive or chattle type references are not allowed. While we understand that these terms are of a sexual orientation nature and do not in and of themselves mean that you have low self esteem or lack self respect this can appear as a weakness that some people may exploit. We want VIPER girls to be BIG, huge in fact. We would like to take this to the level of the Suicide Girls. A web site, calendars, t-shirts, posters. We may have a personal photographer who is willing to help us make that happen. Join now for a chance at something big in the future. Conduct yourself in a respectful proper manner and always, be proud of who you are!
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