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EZ 2 FU Munkees FuWife's blog: "AUCTION!"

created on 03/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/auction/b194492

I'm up for auction again! I'm offering lotsa good stuff and I'm hoping for some really great bids this time! I love my friends and I always follow through with my offers! Click me to bid on me! And be sure to read auction rules. This is what I'm offering: ♥ Add/fan/rate during HH ♥ 400 11s during HH every week for a month (or as long as VIP lasts, 10s otherwise. ♥ If owner has more than 500 pics, I'll rate the rest 10s during HH 1 time. ♥ 1 profile comment during HH every day for a month ♥ Rate entire stash during HH ♥ Rate all blogs during HH ♥ 1 SFW salute of my choosing ♥ 1 SFW salute of owner's choosing ♥ #1 spot in friends for 1 month ♥ spot in family for 1 month (includes access to NSFW) ♥ 1 big pimpin gift ♥ 1 bling gift ♥ daily gifts from Fubar ♥ "Owned by (owner's name)" in my name for 1 month ♥ 1 pimpout bulletin per week for a month ♥ Pimpout in my "about me" section w/ link to owner's page ♥ Assistance and loyalty with any contests owner may be involved in. ♥ subscription to lounge if owner has a lounge IF bid includes 30 day blast: ** 1 SFW video salute, 1 SFW boob salute, salute as default pic for 1 week** IF bid includes Happy Hour: ** 2 SFW video salutes, 1 SFW boob salute AND 1 butt cheek salute, salute pic as default pic for 1 week, permanent link to profile in my "about me" and add to yahoo messenger** Come on now, dig deep! Click the pick to Fu-OWN me! Feel free to contact me or the host with any questions: babygirl_01 owned by 'Lisa' and 'Tappinit

@ fubar Love Your Favorite Lesbian, EZ 2 FU ♥ Munkee's Fu-Wife ♥

@ fubar
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