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Henrietta is to convoluted so I got bored and began the Tremane tale edit session. Thank heaven it is finished and just needs editing a little and tagging in somewhere before he met Percy. Written 2007 and not liked by all! Pah, so what, it is my story!!! With hawk eyes Tremane Tapernose surveyed the clearing as he emerged from what seemed a very gloomy jungle growth. The sunlight was dazzling to his unaccustomed eyes as it danced like laughing rainbows on the damp grass and foliage. He ambled over to the drinking water, his body wetted by the damp flora especially those that hung over stoop-shouldered, laden down by their heavy water load. Tremane appreciated that rain was a necessity for the survival of all life on the planet but it was jolly misery making when your fur ended up like a wet blanket. The sigh he exploded blew the glistening wet off the nearby spider’s web and the resident looked down on the cause of his intrusion. Once he surveyed the sight he saw the cause of his intrusion whereupon he understood the **sighwave**. After a quick examination of his recently spun home he was pleased to note that the latest tangle web had withstood the passing puff. In fact the puff or whatever had done him a favour because at least now he wouldn’t have to wait for the web to become sundried. Sidney cleaned his head with his agile legs. Sidney did not like stepping in water these days as he found it made him stiff in the joints. This was no fun when he as double-jointed and that was no accident of birth because he noticed that all arachnapods were well hinged like he was. When Sidney tottered his first tiptoe steps he rather cursed his misfortune being born a spider but his gift of Web making soon became renowned in the jungle as he had invented a communications network second to none. Sidney put it down to his unusual diet and his web work became know as what you eat is what you spin. For years he had perfected a web and his abilities were soon spread far and wide as the jungle grapevine had become rather ropey and cluttered over the centuries. Communications were getting lost and wires becoming crossed so one day Sidney decided to spin a Web that was the e the Centre hub of a World Wide Network replacing all the old cluttered and outdate forms of communications
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