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So, I always thought my life would be picture perfect. You know....2.5 kids, fabulous career, married to obscenely wealth man, beautiful house with a white picket fence. Well, things didn't go exactly as I planned. I am sure you aren't surprised. They never do for anyone. I got close on a few of those things. What I have really found out is that I was valuing some of the wrong things. I realize now that I am very lucky. See, my life has been blessed by someone with Autism. The way he sees the world is absolutely amazing. In slow steps he is teaching me patience. Since I never had much patience, this is a hard thing for me to learn. Not only that, but he brings me joy every moment that I am with him. Makes the picket fence seem so unimportant. Recently, another person in my life has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I never realized how all-consuming it could be. Learning about the symptoms of this disorder made me realize that not all people think the same. We all have different perspectives, and it is not possible to always understand people's motivations. With these 2 disorders in my life, I have had to adapt and prioritize my life. These experiences have changed me quite a bit. I don't feel the need to judge people for the choices they make anymore. No longer do I need to understand people's motivations. Sometimes things just are and there is no explanation. I used to think that my way was the right way. Well that hasn't changed. LOL. What has changed is that while I may think that, I know other people may not agree. They may choose a different path even though mine seems the most logical. I hope I continue to learn more tolerance and acceptance. I have a lot less tension and anger in my life now. In my experience, people tend to get cynical and judgemental as they get older. I think the experiences I have had with Bipolar and Autism can help me prevent that from happening to myself.
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