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d's blog: "Last rose"

created on 02/05/2007  |  http://fubar.com/last-rose/b52283
O, what is the song this late, late rose is singing? where will its petals fall, pale orange-yellow rose? when shall the breeze and the rose cease laughing, dancing, when will the raindrops bring time, and loss, and tears? who wrote the song that the rose is singing, singing, who painted petals on this fleeting rose? when did the breeze discover dancing, dancing, with roses that fade and fall in loss and time and tears? after the rosefall, a colder breeze is blowing, rose petals lie in drifts upon the ground; but the breeze remembers, wintering red rose-hips, sowing the rose’s spring and singing; remembering rose’s sound
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14 years ago
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