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Rain. Fucking rain!

If it's raining outside, it's like my computer turns on by itself, switches over to YouTube and pulls out some random Adele song and before you know it, I'm standing at my window looking at the rain and nodding along to some Adele song that I don't technically know. It's weird, but I feel like the rest of the world is doing it, too. It doesn't matter which one. All of Adele's songs are perfect for standing at your window and looking at the rain. And that's remarkable to me. There hasn't been a single artist that I know of who somehow made music exclusively for a single specific activity (apart from Marvin Gaye and sex).

But Adele did. She made an entire album of "Stand at Your Window, Look at the Rain and Reflect on your shitty Past Relationships" music. It's like she's hypnotized me/us. I don't care if you don't like Adele. I'm not sure if I even like Adele. I just know that, when it rains, I need her rough, powerful voice to come belting out of my speakers and tell me ... something. Whatever the hell it is that Adele sings about in her songs, I need her to shout that when it rains...


Now excuse me while I try and act serious.


YAY! DP is blogging!

Saddly it's nothing fun...

none of my randomy bitching, nor did I go to Jail again recently so I have no updated stories...

this blog is my asking for something....*GASP* 

eww, I know, ASKING for shit. disguesting...

in short, My friend is in the running/finals to win this Tattoo modeling thingy. 

and since I NEVER ask you sexy poop stains for ANYTHING...

Gimme like 45 seconds and click yes on here cotey button thingy...

please, I'd love you. She's under the name "Miss Rad" 


Vote for my friend to win this tattoo modeling thingy. shes at the bottom right of the voting page I think under "Miss Rad" ( yes, cheesy name but we're not voting on name coolness)
Go, vote( Miss Rad) make me happy. DO EEET! and i'll lub you forever and ever and ever.


IN return? sexy picture of me blowing random things! YAY! 

Ya'know what I hate?

The new Nickelodeon shows...

I know I am too old to really care about what they show on Nickelodeon but I can't help but be irked when I'm flipping through the channels and there is no "Rugrats" or "Doug." I mean I learned life lessons from "Clarrisa explains it all." And scared myself shitless when I watched "Are you afraid of the dark?" It's so sad to see such a fuck up of a human being have her very own show (Jamie Lynn Spears in "Zoey 101") being broadcast to young america!They even have an anime show on there now, what happened to leaving the Dragon Ball Z type shows to the Cartoon Network??? And no wonder kids are so fat, there isn't any physical competition shows anymore like "Double-Dare" and "Guts". I have no faith in the generation behind us to lead when we're all invalids with the kind of televsion they are shown. Tisk tisk Nickelodeon, tisk tisk.


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