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created on 12/17/2010  |

Hello, and thanks for reading!!  I need more of opinions from females, married and not married.  So I have a situation...  Here goes...


I am almost 8 months pregnant with a baby from a man who is married.  Now, before you go judging, read on!!


He and I dated several times before we decided to become intimate.  He was VERY good at hiding his marriage.  I trusted him and didn't even think to look for signs that he was lying about being single.  After we had slept together a few times (I was on birth control, but it failed), I really began having feelings for him, and wanted it to be a little more serious.  I brought the subject up to him, that I wanted to pursue a relationship with him, and he freaked out and didn't want to see me anymore.  Few weeks later, I found out I'm pregnant.  After a few phone conversations with him, I find out he is MARRIED!!!  He denies the child is his, because he swears he's had a vasectomy but cannot tell me the date, the facility, or even the CITY it was done in!!  Yes, he is military.  Last conversation I tried having with him, he hung up on my as I was trying to ask for his medical history in case something went wrong with the baby, the doctors would have a better idea of what to expect. 


Now, ladies...  What would YOUR reaction be, if you found out your husband got another girl pregnant and the girl had no idea he was married until recently?  What would your feelings be towards your husband, the mother, and the unborn child?  Honest answers are appreciated, please!!  :)

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