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Kristopher Kage Is One Year Old Today ! Current mood: chipper Category: Life Kristopher Kage is one year old today . This time 1 yr ago i was sitting in the hospital bed , hooked up to the patocin . The nurses keep coming in asking me " Are you feeling these contractions " I say " no , i feel nothing ". around 2:30 pm the nurse is in my room checking the wires and stuff , checking kk’s heart beat and the contraction thingy , Then all of a sudden my water breaks , it was so awsome i feel this big old POP . I was so Excited i knew this was going to be the day my Little Boys would come into the world .. With that coming about , the contractions become unbearable .. i had this little paper back book in my hand , fanning myself and crying with each contraction , i break down and get the Epidoral ! From then on i was a Happy Camper until the stupid old Nurse just shoves in the cathiter , i was like OUCH !! So around 4:45 Pm its just about that time to Push it out ,Shove it out , WAY out .. lmao My Doctor , camille gets into her gear , with her all Doctored up , its time to push. after a while hes arrives 5:09 pm 9 lbs 14 oz 22 inches long So , Today Is His one year birthday !
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