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Jai's blog: "Tagged/Surveys"

created on 02/20/2009  |  http://fubar.com/tagged-surveys/b279053

1. What is the last thing you eated?

Chicken potstickers. 


2. And the last thing you drank?

Bud Light!!! 


3. What does it say on your favourite mug?

"Kins sucks, Jai rules!!!" 


4. Who is the best captain of a Star Trek?

Picard without a doubt <--agrees 


5. Who would win in a fight between the Batman and Superman?

Frank Miller proved Batman would win... 


6. Robots or ninjas?

Neither. Both are fictional =P 


7. Pirates or cowboys?

Neither, I like girls. 


8. Dinosaurs or aliens?

Dinosaurs ARE aliens!!!


9. Are you good at crosswords?

Yeah, but no patience.

10. DC or Marvel?

Marvel, d'uh. 


11. What is better, a man who is handsome and a fireman or something, or a guy what is fat and has a beard and makes you lol in MuMMs?

Make a girl laugh, and you're in  


12. Do you have a special mug that is yours at work?



13. What's the best kind of chart, pie or bar?



14. Did you study a thing at University?

Sociology (buncha bullshit) and computer sciences 


15. Are you more like your mum or your dad?

I'm unique.


 16. If your house was on a fire, and you had to rescure one material possession?

I'd rescue my house, D'UH! 


17. Who is teh best in Star Wars?

Han Solo vs Bobba Fett 


18. Brett or Jemaine? 



19. Are friends on the internet good friends like real life friends, or a kind of second-tier reserve friend?

I love my online friends, but nothing beats r/l friends. 


20. Is kins good at making a quiz that you do?

Look forward to 2.0

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