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LilAngel's blog: "About me"

created on 09/09/2008  |  http://fubar.com/about-me/b244145
Ok, so if I start gettin strange and not too chatty for a bit....the end of September through the first couple weeks of October are really tough on me and I have more pressure this year on top of it. In 06, on the way home from a trip to Jersey for Debra's (my daughter's) birthday September 25th we were just getting on the bus when my mom called me hysterically to tell me my dad was being rushed to the hospital and he was really really sick. He wasn't the type to EVER even go to a doctor and so I knew it was bad! We cried the whole bus trip back and my mom told me the last half hour to come to the hospital straight from the bus, it was really bad. Me being pig headed I insisted she tell me right now....my dad wa diagnosed with terminal lung cancer that was already spread throughout his body. I was never more devestated and spent the next 11 days practically living in the hospital until I brought my dad home (and my mom) to my house to care for him on hospice care. Seven days later he was gone.... i'm getting ready to move, doing everything alone with my 3 kids...mom's not right since dad is gone....doesn't really come out or anything so I care for her too.... needless to say besides a few close friends home here...I dont have time for much. I have come to truly love some of my friends here on Fubar...I'm home alot when i'm not working cause of the kids so there are days you guys mean more than you know, making me laugh when I'm so stressed I wanna cry or scream! You guys know who you are, everyone else...you're great too but there are some really special people on here that do more for me than they can imagine! If I act like a jerk, aint around for a few days or whatever...this is the hardest 3 weeks of the year and this year is a bit tougher cause last year I wasn't doing it alone... forgive me if i'm not myself and those that make it a little better...thank you....now that i'm cryin my eyes out time to go back to uploading pics which is actually where this sentimental moment came from, lol....my dad's picks always do this! {{{{HUGS}}}}
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