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40 Year Old · Male · From San Diego, CA · Joined on January 10, 2006 · Born on June 29th
40 Year Old · Male · From San Diego, CA · Joined on January 10, 2006 · Born on June 29th

Hello got these alittle mixed up this is actually what should be under interests! I love history, science, it fascinates me to think about where we all came from! It puzzles how some people are so pious and others so scientific and yet there are so many different religions out there and everyone swears by what they believe in! Anyway, I also really treasure meeting new "true friends" cause these people are far and few! love being active and learning stuff!

40 Year Old · Male · From San Diego, CA · Joined on January 10, 2006 · Born on June 29th
Hi my name is james but since my sister moved to Hawaii I've learned that in hawaiian my name is kimo which I think sounds pretty damn cool so it's kind of sticking! Live in Socal san diego actually about 5 miles from Tijuana, Mexico and 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean ! Love being active biking,sports, soon will be kayaking . I am single with one dog named "lucy" and five fish in the tank (60gals)! By day I transform into a mild mannered union electrician building high risers, casinos, schools, right now a new bio-med building but by night a become a " wild and crazy guy!!!!!" lol I know I am abit kooky but its ok cuz I don't care about conforming anymore because its the different people who are the most interesting you know ! oh my b-day is 29 june so that makes me a cancer with cancer rising if you happen to know what that means. well enuff for now hello everyone I really am a cool dude ....really!!!
Music I listen to varies upon alot by the particular mood I happen to be in at the time ; which includes ACDC,BauHause, B-52's, cheap trick, ministry, smiths, morrisey, no doubt, (just about anything Irie/ reggae!), (love the 80's- pat benatar, van halen, level42,ub40, depeche mode, etc.), nickelback, snoop dog, all the way to some cool classical like Pachobel, Tachovsky, few more- sisters of mercy, blink 182,oingo boingo, jesus and mary chain, clash, x, bow wow wow, stray cats, ++++++++++!!!!!!!!!
grudge, spanglish, 50 first dates, xxx, harry potter, babe, star wars, + many more
Dan Fouts,Tony Gwynn, Ton Hawke, and I can't think of his name but the guy who rides the bike and wins the tour de france all the time!

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