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Depressed and upset
My hearts breaking
I need some relaxation
So sick of this drama and aggravation
My minds filled with bloody endings
Chainsaws and decapatation
Jitters and shakes
My nerves burn like fire
Any second Imma snap and break
Every mother fuckers life Imma take
The same dreary story 2 everyday
Trapped behind this blank stare Im screaming inside
But I gotta keep it cool and stay fly
When night comes and Im deep in sleep
True thoughts and feelings come out to creep
Rolling across my mind
So intense and real
Waking up grabbing my chest
Outta breath
Its so vivid and Im in shock
Scary the thought that the psycho is you
That your subconscience could come up with such a horror fest
My dream lands bloody mess

Got something on my mind baby
Want you to be mine
Need a change
You came just in time
I might be moving to fast
But I cant wait to long
Got just one question
It lingers along
Day and night Im anxious
Just want to ask you
Will you be mine?
Your crazy and sexy
Cant keep a smile off my face
You got me sprung
Wishing for one more taste
Loving how you touch me
Looking deep in your eyes
Holding you close
Your sexy body between my thighs
Your kisses are so sweet
I want them all the time
So answer this baby
Will you be mine?

When you needed me
I let you down
Now I need you
But your nowhere to be found
My apologies and tears arent enough
Can't get you back now
The road ahead without you will be tough
You say I don't exist
Its cuts like a knife
Like the blade on my wrist
Are you worth my life?
I take a chance
Let my true feelings out
And all you do is crush my heart
Over and over again
Revenge you set on me
Hate it transcends
I'm holding on to whats left of us
A memory in the midst of the fire
The images I can't suppress
And Im wondering how I let you go
Let you slip away
What I got left here now
Pieces all over, my hearts in dismay
Cuz I let you down
I front to whomever
Saying Im better off
While I lay in bed at night
Wishing my limbs I could sever
I stay in a daze
Partially blocked off from the world
In my own little universe
Praying for today to be my last day
The day I ride quietly in a hearse
All because the day I let you down
I let myself down too
And this mistake I can't undue
And our friendship I can't renew

Yea I wish you where here
Wishing I was watching you sleep
The lovely look apon your face
Makes my eyes leak

So happy when Im wrapped in your arms
Those long summer nights I can never forget
Laughing for hours
Captured by your charm

The world matters not
When I am hypnotized by your eyes
When I am kissing your soft lips
Laying beside you watching the sunrise

Yea I wish you where here
Our souls dance like butterflies in the breeze
My worries long gone
The world stands still, my dear

Like a perfect picture in a magazine
So loving and sincere
My heart almost burst with happiness
Everytime you are near

Your my angel in the sky
My gaurdian in the night
Honey, I wish you where here
Cuz then everything would be alright....

Let go
All I wanna do
Why cant i?
This thing growing inside
Everyday all I wanna do
Is run and hide
It rots my soul
and consumes my pride
It hurts so bad
But I cant let it go
Like an addiction from within
It turns my heart into coal
The things i do
To keep me going
You call it crazy...
But it keeps me sane
Theyre my biggest secrets
And deepest regrets
Wrapped in daydreams
Trapped in my mind
Locked in my heart
Is my true self inside
Trying to break away
Ripping the seems
You changed my life
possibly for the worst
Seems the only solution
Ends with a final sigh
My heart will break
One last time
Dont get it confused
It wont be for you
For lost time
And parts of me
That have dissapeared
But the parts will miss the least
Or not at all
Are all the little pieces I gave to you
Clock turns so slow
On the darkest of nights
Eyes blood shot
No light
This is my final fight
Finally the end Time to let go


Came to the conclusion
That I dont even need him
Just bored with life
Searching for a reason

A reason to wake up
A reason to get out of bed
My reasons for caring
Believing the lies i'm fed

Is the love lost
Has that feeling gone away
If so whats my reason
My reason to stay

Am I so use to drama,
pain and dismay
That I can't let go
That I refuse to stray

Maybe I still love you
Maybe I still care
Lying to the world
A fake smile I bear

Torn up inside
Not knowing which way to go
The hurt
I've learned so perfectly not to show

So my last lingering question
Burried deep in my heart......
Whats my reason for still loving you
When your tearing me apart


Never thought it would happen to me
I'm a corpse cant you see?
Now Im sitting home alone
Wishing you where here
Im not suppose to love you
Im not suppose to care
What happened to the girl I used to be
She died a long time ago
Wouldnt you agree?
A corpse stuck here on earth
was this my destiny from birth?
To fall in love with someone I could never have
Someone who will never share my feelings
my secrets and dreams
A corpse I am
This wasnt suppose to happen
Never to me
I was always happy and care free
What happen to the girl I use to be
You killed my soul
You let it fly away
You gave me nothing but hurt
And turned my world grey
A corpse I am
My mind a complete disarray
Im numb and dead
I'll just lie here and decay


Cant sleep
Filled with regret
You broke my heart
I'll try to fogive, but can never forget
The emptiness consumes me
Healing I cant find
Ups and downs
Highs and lows
I hate you sometimes
But cant let this go
Cant sleep
Got you on my mind
Disgusted with myself
For being so blind
Laying in my bed
Feeling so alone
Stairing at my dark ceiling
Waiting for a ringing phone
Want to tell you how Im feeling
Want to hear the sound in your voice
Knowing this hate for you is building
Cant sleep
Feeling so cold
Puffin on a cigarette
These feelings unfold
Love & hate
Passion & detest
Things i never thought I'd possess
Eyes finally get heavy
As I start to envision
The solution to my great indecision
A wonderful demise to this mistake
For me to sleep and never awake

~KiLLer KarNi~

They think they know
But they could never understand
What is means to believe so stong in this
To be one of a family with more love than
they could ever imagine
Where everyone loves you for who you are
Not how you look or dress
To be a Juggalo and run with the maniacs
To feel at home at a concert
Looking around and thinking....
"This is my family and I love them all"
I don't need their approval
I don't need their understanding
All I need is my psychopathic family
With my headphone blasting
"Mass murder makes me happy!!!!"
Juggalo for life
I wear my face paint with pride
Reppin the hatchet
Tattoed on my heart
The love grows stronger with everyday that goes by
Cuz bitch wicked clown will never fuckin die!!

~KiLLer KarNi~

Feels like Im dying inside
Missing out on life
From this I cant seem to hide
Cant take much more
The pain is overwhelming
My heart is an open soar
Trashing my emotions
Not an ounce of love within you
Caring less about my devotion
Picking me up when you please
Leave when youve had your fill
Hurting me comes with ease
You came and you went
I scream and I cry
Consumed with torment
I feel like your whore
My body's your interest
But my love you ignore
Feels like Im dying inside
But one day I'll break from this
Then the pain will subside
I'll be walking out the door
You'll be sorry I promise
Maybe then I'll be something you adore

~KiLLer KarNi~
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